Why do most women contain the ability to orgasm but lack the ability to do it vaginally?

Commented on October 21, 2013
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I'm trying to learn more about sex for women and I just find it very perplexing. First I found an article on Psychology today showing that the Clitoris extends to the vagina and the anus. The first didn't surprise me but the latter kind of blew my mind. Why would women evolve the ability to enjoy sex through the anus? Keep in mind, this is present in many mammals, not just humans! Has this actually been observed in animals and do we know why they do it?

Then I moved on to Wikipedia and discovered that 80% of women don't enjoy vaginal sex but still contain the ability to orgasm. Again, it doesn't make any sense. Why evolve the organ if it serves no function in survival? Then I read in the linked article about penile-anal stimulation that both men and women can enjoy sex through the anus. They don't mention any numbers but in a few places it is implied that odds are

perhaps better for enjoyment through this route. If true, then why evolution select this?

The best answers I can come up with here involve accidents of evolution that haven't mattered much to date.

I know it's an edgy topic so please try to keep the discussion mature and within whatever guidelines this website has established so that no content will need to be removed.



on October 21, 2013
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Not a prude, but this is not on topic.

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on October 21, 2013
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What!!! 80% of women dont enjoy vagnal sex? Thats just BS, all my friends enjoy it. Most dont have any problem getting orgasm though vaginal either. I think women who dont enjoy sex just are too worried about how they look and if they are good enough. Sex is supposed to be fun, you do it because you want to and not to please the needs of someone else. That way it's almost always great and the other part will enjoy you as well.

Also keep in mind that women dont need to have orgasm to enjoy sex. So guys if she dont get any, dont beat your self up! And if she dont want sex, let her be for a while. Build up her confidence by giving her compliments, touch her erotically. Dont kiss her for a while, make her want you bad and long for you. When time's reday focus on making it good for her. Make sure it's great for her! I proooooomise it will pay back!!!!

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