Healthy Ethnic Recipes?

Answered on May 02, 2014
Created May 01, 2014 at 3:07 PM

I get bored with a meat, veggie, sweet potato dinner and like to mix things up, especially with ethnic food. Anyone have any great dishes they make? I eat closer to a "clean eating" diet than paleo since some grains help me maintain my weight so feel free to mention stuff with rice or oats as long as it isn't in some processed junk form.

For example, I made this recently:


but only added 1 sweet potato and added other veggies like broccoli and green beans in addition to the ones already mentioned. The sauce for this recipe is basically just coconut milk and chicken broth plus spices and we ate it over white rice. It was amazing!

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2 Answers


on May 02, 2014
at 05:31 AM

For a very basic staple food to have around I just made paleo matzah for Passover. It is a good plain cracker you can easily jazz up with different spices like oregano, basil and dill. I keep some matzah around all the time to have with tuna salad, egg salad, salsa and anything that needs a "pita-chip" like crunch. My paleo matzah recipe is here.


on May 01, 2014
at 03:36 PM

If you have an array of spices at disposal and some stock ingredients on hand, many possibilites... I like cooking Indian or Sri Lankan type preprations, particularly

If you want to try something, try sputtering Mustard seeds, cumin, something like that in pan, removing, then putting some grated garlic and ginger, onion, then tomatoes, salt of course, something like tumeric, anything you want to add near end like nutmeg, cloves, something.. a mix, whatever... Cinnamon sticks in teh sauce, broth, coconut.. whatever veg you think might go well, in good combo..

You can vary that sort of technique nearly endlessly... Coconut or tomoato based 'gravies'/sauces, you can have meat in or not (obvsiouly willl affect cooking time and design with say slow coking red meat vs white meat vs not meat... Taramind as the sour element with cococnut, maybe some carrot, sweet potato or squash, fresh white fish or canned fish like markeral or sardines goes very well according to me.. ;) salt...

Bascially, i tihnk if you look at getting some princples down you can tinker, experiment endlessly and have things turn out pretty well.. Some good things are what you know cognitively and intuitively eg sweet/salty/sour/umami breakdowns,use your sense of smell, eyeballs as well as knowledge with the spices... Going by feel when adding these things could eb worth your while; a recipe might a ahve a good point but to some degree perhaps it is someone else's recipe; you can make, adapt your own, explore with help of a scaffold/some broad principles... Maybe like some ideas I've written of here...

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