Estrogen: Help Me Understand What's Happening

Commented on September 01, 2013
Created August 30, 2013 at 9:20 PM

I think I'm having issues with estrogen but I'm not sure what.

I got an oestradiol test. The results: 81 pmol/L. According to the sheet I got at the clinic, normal ranges for premenopausal women are between 90 to 958 pmol/L. What does this mean?

I suffer from acne, low libido, and insulin resistance.

I fit a lot the symptoms of low progesterone and estrogen dominance.

Additional information:

  • I have an issue with excess copper.
    Zinc and magnesium supplements
    greatly improve my skin. I can't emphasize enough how amazing magnesium is for me.

  • Have been eating paleo for nearly two years now. Changed my life, but still have some skin and libido issues.

  • Primal diet, intermittent fasting, and cinnamon are controlling insulin resistance.

  • I have regular periods. A week or two after my period ends, I develop
    coarse chin hair and cystic acne. I don't have a problem with hirsutism on my face, but my chest is rather hairy.

  • I'm 23, 124 pounds, fit.

I wish I could discuss this with a medical professional, but in my area (sub-Saharan Africa) there's no such luck finding one who would talk sensibly about my issues. So I turn to you, the Paleohacks hive mind.

Please help me understand my estrogen issues. What further tests should I take? Direction to relevant literature or resources to learn more about the issue would be appreciated.



on September 01, 2013
at 12:57 AM

this does sound like PCOS, good call @Christina.


on August 31, 2013
at 06:12 PM

Did you check PCOS?

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2 Answers


on August 31, 2013
at 03:07 AM

You're too low in estrogen, I don't think you fit the estrogen dominance pattern. Have you checked your testosterone levels? Another thing to check as well would be thyroid levels.



on August 30, 2013
at 11:06 PM

I was just reading today about the correlation between copper and estrogen on the one hand, and zinc and progesterone on the other. I'd increase the zinc a bit, and make sure you're getting the trace minerals as well.

Anecdotally, I noticed the excess hair diminishing when I was getting a decent amount of coconut oil.

Yes on magnesium! I love it. I did add calcium back in once I'd corrected my Mg deficiency, since they need each other.

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