Di-indole Methane Anyone?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 18, 2011 at 7:55 PM

Hi, I was listening to Robb Wolf and heard him talk about Di-indole methane in the case of estrogen dominance. I'm wondering how much to take? I'm 5'6" and 115 lbs Also, whats a trust-worthy brand and should it be taken with certain foods for optimal results? Thanks in advance!



on July 23, 2011
at 10:44 AM

i use this in my clinical practice. The dose is based upon the defect we find. So there is no one answer.



on June 18, 2011
at 07:55 PM

PS, I am female ;-)

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on May 10, 2012
at 01:28 PM

Not trying to be argumentative, but have you had your hormones tested so you know for sure that your estrogen levels are high? (Just curious, because estrogen dominance tends to go hand in hand in with being slightly overweight and having difficulty losing weight, and at 5'6" and 115, it doesn't sound like you have that issue. ;-) And obviously every woman has different results from different hormonal imbalances. I was just curious.)

I had a pretty serious estrogen imbalance, and this is the brand my naturopath had me on. (I think you have to be a practitioner to order, though.) http://www.pureencapsulations.com/itemdy00.asp?t1=dp1

I don't remember how much I was taking, though. (It was a while back.) And I took it in combination with Thorne brand calcium-D-glucarate and Seriphos phosphatidyl serine. (My estrogen dominance was stemming from major stress, too much cortisol, not enough progesterone, etc.)

Nature's Way and Source Naturals have DIMs that are probably easier to find. (Maybe not at your local drugstore, but definitely on amazon or Netrition.)

Designs for Health has a pretty good sounding female balance combination supplement that contains DIM, clacium-D-gluc and a couple of other things, but you can only get it through a practitioner.

Still: GET TESTED! (If you haven't already.) You do not want to shoot in the dark when it comes to female hormones. Know the situation so you can know the right remedy. Good luck, girl!



on August 06, 2011
at 02:45 AM

This stuff is supposed to help get rid of cankels but I'm not really sold on it. I purchased some after R.Wolf mentioned it but haven't seen much change, but it may be that the female who I gave it to is on birth control.


on July 23, 2011
at 02:13 AM

healthresources.net has some information on DIM



on June 18, 2011
at 10:51 PM

My Naturapath (who specializes in Endocrinology) gives me DIM 100mg capsules by Designs for Health. It did help my liver process the estrogen that was causing my imbalance. I had an Estrogen metabolizing test before DIM and after taking it to see the progress.

You really should see someone to make sure this supplement is right for you. Which means you need tests to help figure out what is causing your Estrogen Dominance and how imbalanced it is. Honestly I wouldn't just take this one as an n-1 experiment.

The designs for health brand has one thing going for it. No soy oil as the carrier. Until you find a Doc to help you test, be aware that the active ingredients in DIM are some of the same ones you get from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage. You can start by making sure you eat these veggies. I know some on here are concerned about the thyroid if you consume lots of these vegetables. Like I say, get a Doc to help you figure out amounts.

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