My 9 yr old son has epilepsy.

Asked on March 21, 2014
Created March 21, 2014 at 5:18 AM

My name is Mark.

I have been paleo for almost a year now. I am a 100% believer and I tell everyone I can. I have broken 28 bones and have been sick my whole life. I lived at a pain level 4 every moment of every day. NOW I only hurt when I eat off diet. I only get sick when I have glutin. Turns out I am allergic to glutin. About 6 months ago my 9 year old son. Started having seizures. I am separated from his mother and they live 2000 miles away. He wants to have a normal child hood. He wants to play football, baseball and other sports. He is afrade to go to sleep. The meds have turned him Into a zombie and he is gaining weight fast. I am looking for two things. First. If you have Epilepsy or have beaten it please write a testimony for me so that I can present it to my sons mother. The DRs keep telling her it has nothing to do with his diet. I know this to be untrue. I am allergic to wheat and I just figured it out at the age of 37. Drs do not know shit. I have spent enough time in the hospital to know this for a fact. They are pretty good at patching us up but when it comes to illness they are basicly guessing. And as corrupt as our fda and USDA are of course pills are the only answer. Second. I want to give him some encouragement. If you play sports or are a body builder. If you could write him a note and attach a picture with advice. I will make sure he gets it. My sons name is Dixon. He is a great kid. I have challenged him to eat right and to do the paleo diet. I just want him to know his dad isn't crazy. That there are people out there doing the same thing. Thanks Mark

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