Insane energy while starting Paleo

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 13, 2013 at 5:20 AM

I've been eating strict Paleo for the last 10 days after quitting grains and sugar cold turkey, and over the past few days I've had boundless amounts of energy. Pre-Paleo I would sleep 8-9 hours/night and still feel exhausted upon waking, but these days I don't feel the need to fall asleep at my usual hour and nonetheless wake up well before my alarm. I also feel much hotter than usual - I used to have cold hands and feet and would always be freezing, and now I find myself continuously turning the temperature down and my circulation has vastly improved in my hands and feet.

My exercise routine has stayed constant throughout, so I don't think it is driving this. I feel incredible right now, but I don't want to get too used to this feeling in case I come off this "high" (or is it just my body finally working as it's supposed to after years of crap nutrition?) Any advice would be appreciated!

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5 Answers


on February 13, 2013
at 03:31 PM

Enjoy it while it lasts, adrenals/thyroid will burn out in a few months and you'll start looking for answers, Ray Peat heads up



on February 13, 2013
at 04:42 PM

I went from SAD where I was so exhausted I would almost faint several times a day, to paleo where I have good steady energy levels, eating this way is awesome!


on February 13, 2013
at 03:11 PM

feel free to pass along this boundless energy! been on paleo going on about 3 weeks, and I really have trouble waking up, etc.



on February 13, 2013
at 02:57 PM

Don't worry, "scumbag brain" will adapt to your new energy levels and after a couple of weeks or months, it will all feel normal. Then you slip in your diet, go on a family reunion, think "oh some pasta won't hurt", go on a processed-crap-carbs-and-sugar binge and you'll feel like shit for a couple of days. Then you swear to never ever let your diet slip and given that you adapt again to your paleo energy levels, you'll slip again a couple of months later.

At least, that's my experience. Don't worry.


on February 13, 2013
at 01:48 PM

There's so many different contributers to energy (conversely so many things that cause fatigue). The big one that comes to my mind is gluten and/or all grains, since I assume you nearly eliminated grains on paleo. Gluten intolerance is very widespread. If you wanna test it, after about a month of being paleo you just reintroduce wheat into your diet and see how it effects you.

Edit: Oh, and another big one is sugar. Consuming tons of sugar in the form of fruit juice and cola drinks can cause major fatigue and mood swings.

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