Cellfood Supplementation with A Paleo Diet

Commented on January 06, 2013
Created January 06, 2013 at 2:59 AM

Male Age 24 163 down from 168 Supplementing with Cellfood by Lumina Health

Hi guys I have began my journey with paleo again as I had fallen off the bullet train a while back.

My heartburn is gone and I am feeling more energized.

But to the point.

When I had first started paleo I also started a body weight circuit 2 weeks later. Mon, Wed, and Friday. For the first couple weeks of working out I was sore for days. Energy was amazing though still. I checked my protein and fat intake. Numbers were awesome. But I wanted my recovery times to be quicker.

So I started taking cellfood an all natural liquid supplement.

If you think paleo sends your energy levels through the roof. Well be warned supplementing with cellfood makes you Superman. My workouts were hard still but my recovery time was only a day. Every workout was a fresh me hitting the concrete. No Soreness. Better breathing. Better everything it seemed.

So my honest and humble opinion is that paleo with cellfood is the best combo ever. So I will be starting my Bodyweight circuit again soon and my cellfood supplementation as well.

Thanks to paleo I am a better me. And thanks to cellfood for making what was already great even better.

So has anyone else here tried cellfood supplement before?

Would you consider taking it?



on January 06, 2013
at 08:16 AM

I'm sorry did I offend you by saying the name of the product too much. I count 6 times. I'm not trying to sell anything. I guess my real question is... What in "the supplement" was causing my recovery rate to improve? Oh and Colon thanks for your 'contribution'.



on January 06, 2013
at 04:46 AM

What was the name of that again?

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