Best diet for high energy and concentration ?

Answered on January 05, 2014
Created January 04, 2014 at 10:10 PM

Hi, I'm going to have six moths with constant work on a project and i'm looking in too what would be the optimal diet for that lifestyle! I work out two - tree times a week, and work at the computer on average 13-16 hours a day....

I need a diet that in super high in energy so i can get shit done, how is the energy from paleo and if not paleo then what?? Thanks ; )

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4 Answers


on January 05, 2014
at 06:04 PM

I went VLC under 10 grams a day for 3-4 months and let me tell you it f**king sucked. I had issues concentrating, constant brain fog, I was always sore from working out as I was not replenishing my glycogen stores. I started adding in carbs via sweet potato after working out and what do you know brain fog was gone, I was able to think and concentrate again oh ya and that 4-5 day soreness period was reduced to 0-1 day. I now eat 150-200g on most every day and I feel great. Keto sucked big time for me



on January 05, 2014
at 03:55 PM

Keto-adaptation has been the best thing for my ability to concentrate and have consistent energy. Depending on your metabolism, it may take 4-6 weeks to keto-adapt. Once keto-adapted, you really don't want to carb up; it can take a few days to a week to get back into ketosis.

I went from 70-100 gm of carbs per day down to 40-50. Took me about 2 months to keto-adapt. If I had lowered my carbs more, I may have adapted faster.



on January 05, 2014
at 03:49 AM

Some people find that moderate-carb paleo makes them a whole new person; others find that going on a low-carb ketogenic diet does it for them. You need to try it and find out for yourself!

The one tip I can give you is that if low-carb (say, under 120g / day) is making you feel lousy, make sure you go all the way -- ride out the low-carb flu and get into ketosis. If you go low, but not quite low enough to go into ketosis, then you're likely to spend a lot of time feeling wiped out.


on January 05, 2014
at 01:29 AM

My personal story is.. i used to wake up, at 6am, drink coffe & go to work. If i hadn't eaten by 9am i couldn't function, i was moody as hell & very sluggish. Then i discovered The primal blueprint. I went low carb & felt like crap for a week. After that i no longer had to eat at before 9am & felt great! I had a never ending amount of energy & my mental clarity was spot on all day. (sometimes i didn't eat till 14.00), i lost 13kg in 6 months without increasing exercise. I attribute this to my blood sugar stabilizing & just not eating shitty food. I personally think i run better being fat adapted than relying on the carb rollercoaster for energy. I have since introduced white rice & potatoes with no ill effects apart from the urge to eat more carbs & not being able to go as long without food as i did when i was low carb.

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