Maca Powder...why am I only just hearing about this now?

Asked on October 08, 2014
Created October 01, 2014 at 9:41 AM

I randomly picked this up in my health store as it was on offer & when I've researched it, it seems like the best thing ever! I've been having about 3grams a day for a week & feel like I'm already feeling the benefits, I have so much more energy, I am less anxious, I feel generally more happy in life.

So why isn't this product promoted more? I thought I knew pretty much most things worth knowing to do with paleo.





on October 08, 2014
at 03:35 AM

Incans used to consume gobs of it b4 long journeys to help with energy

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on October 02, 2014
at 09:09 AM

i just want to know more about it, I know the cost of it. I got it for a quarter of the usual price cos our local supermarket was getting rid of its 'healthy' section to make way for Christmas *sigh* 

I realise it could probably be seen as a supplement but mine is 100% raw maca so if maca is a food surely the powder is just a food. Anyway I don't really care about that aspect of it. If it's good for me and isn't gunna cause any side effects that I haven't been able to find that's all I want to know.

Like I said so far I haven't seen any negative things about it & it's making me feel great, I have so much energy & my mind feels so much clearer, Hence why I can't understand why it isn't promoted more by paleo bloggers etc??

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on October 03, 2014
at 03:01 AM

Here's what 100g of maca powder looks like


Calorie-wise similar to rice, though pretty high in protein. Also a high % sugars in the carbohydrates, which are the main source of calories. It contains a lot of copper, as well as a lot of vitamin C.

In a 3 gram dose you wouldn't see a huge effect from these. Over a period of days, maybe a bit of a boost. 

I'm glad you're seeing a benefit but I just don't see anything that makes it pop up on the paleo radar.

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on October 01, 2014
at 12:39 PM

Because it's a supplement that is heavily advertised and marketed.

I'll leave this up on the chance that someone has used it as food. At $15/lb in bulk it's a very expensive alternative to rice or sweet potatoes, but would have similar nutritional value.

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on October 01, 2014
at 12:44 PM

Sorry, can you explain what you mean?

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on October 01, 2014
at 06:45 PM

Maca is a starchy root like taro or sweet potatoes. So it's a food, and IMO probably paleo. I don't care about whether it has special healing properties. How is it as a porridge or a tortilla? I don't want to buy a 22 lb sack for $320 before knowing that it's an exceptional food. Regarding supplements, I'm tired of deleting bot posts, but yours sounded legit since maca is an indigenous Peruvian food.

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