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I usually do is I check the ingredients on the stuff that I'm using now the next tip is but I guess I was oblivious to it and that is to clean your color sheets your covers your comforter and even your makeup brushes at the time I never wear makeup so that was never concern for me fat I with ill-informed as choose always changing Michael sheet and my covers now I usually you change my sheets once a week and I wash my makeup brushes every you liked 2 times use I don't usually have time to wash them after every time I use them I know that's what you're supposed to dot just happen for me when you sleep at night you don't like the oil injured that collects Endure Beauty System on your pillow cases or on your covers she'll be transferred onto your skin in the middle name wake up at the break itself just write caution as far as that's concerned the next to I have is off obvious if that's not OK your skin now at the time I knew I wasn't supposed to do that but whatever continue Campbell coming upon there was a political by head I know that tamari there but I just I have to tell you I've actually Picasa and temporarily it felt like it was less noticeable I actually felt good in one way I guess but within like an hour I've noticed that I made it more noticeable than it was before not only that could lead to scarring which I hatch deal with afterwards.


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