Endometriosis and nattokinase / systemic enzymes

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 01, 2013 at 6:56 AM

I recently posted this thread about endometriosis and this one about systemic enzymes. I've now just ran into this website. After spending many hours of the past few days researching endometriosis and coming away with the idea that it's a difficult thing to deal with, that FAQ says taking their product will likely lead to nearly all symptoms gone within 3-4 months! (At the top you can click "Endometriosis" to make the FAQ about that rather than fibroids.)

What strikes me is that endometriosis is a matter of scar tissue (fibrin?) forming around misplanted uterine cells, along with inflammation. The second link, the one to my thread asking about systemic enzymes... that formula also says it's for dissolving scar tissue and reducing inflammation (among other things), and it also has nattokinase in it, though I can't tell how to compare the doses between these two products (Fibrovan and pHi-zymes), as the former is listed at 100 mg nattokinase, and the latter 540 FU. I have no idea how to convert between these two units (mg and FU).

Could a formula like Fibrovan or pHi-zymes be an important part of a protocol for dealing with endometriosis? 3-4 months with full relief from symptoms from the supplement alone sounds too good to be true after all my other reading, but perhaps there's something to this.


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on January 18, 2013
at 10:31 PM

Hello there,

I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis back in 2007. It, and all it's symptoms ruled my life and I had two surgeries to remove it. At the beginning of last year we believed it was back again and my gynie was considering surgery as a good option. But as it had only been a year since my last surgery I thought that was ridiculous and turned to the paleo diet. A year later many of my symptoms are gone and a few only mildly linger. I did a leptin reset then focused on gut health and managed my stress. I know this doesn't answer all your questions but my 'take-home' is, I don't think you need any product to heal endometriosis, just a clean paleo diet (I did include organic dairy because it agreed with me). Trying to eliminate toxin load is imperative in management of this disease. My big breakthrough was actually coming off The Pill (ugh, nasty stuff!!!). Having plenty of fresh water, plenty of grass fed meats, eggs, butter and organic fruit, veg and nuts and easy on the carbs is what I suggest to manage and ultimately, heal endo. Other things like stress management and sleep are also vital. (coconut oil is a hero!)

Have a read up on gut health on chriskresser.com and peruse through some good paleo sites like marksdailyapple.com and Robb Wolf's site too. You need to find the right balance for you and decide on what you find easy to incorporate into your life without any stress.

All the best!! You CAN get better! :)

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