Should I be worried about Chronic Wasting Disease if I eat elk?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 16, 2011 at 8:17 PM

One of my favourite things about paleo (which I've only been doing for about 6 weeks) is eating more game, elk in particular. A friend of mine recently told me I should be worried about prions and Chronic Wasting Disease. I'm not qualified to judge if there's any risk here or not, so I thought I'd ask here.


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3 Answers



on November 16, 2011
at 08:44 PM

A similar question was asked :) recently here.



on November 28, 2011
at 03:30 AM

I'm cautious. I come from a hunting family with three generations of veterinarians. The current family vet is an old school republican who wouldn't be caught dead buying organic veggies (oh, the frivolity and hippie bullshit!), but he was a government infectious disease vet for years. He's seen prion disease in cattle fairly near my area, but no CWD in the state, and he doesn't even want the family using blood meal in their summer gardens, and absolutely NO more eating brains and eggs. If he of all people thinks it's a risk, I'm paying attention.

So at least in my home, no brains, only proper butcher shops for venison, don't knowingly put yourself at increased risk for prion disease. If you don't have CWD in your area, you can probably be more relaxed. I still wish the US had safer food policy about this.


on November 16, 2011
at 08:30 PM

funny, a friend of mine at work who is going to give me a deer told me not to make bone broth from the bones because of this same thing. i was gonna do some research later about it.

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