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I didn't want to look like this and most people are willing to say no certain things and you still never looked like this you never get the borax you might get total to you popcorn but you never get the lower ones you never get the Lora and not is a question you have to ask yourself you are you willing to go the distance willing to pay the price get what you want in like not happy with what you getting do something different no develop anything else you want to seethes guys we got fired up right now the ready to go ahead the gym hard guys to school giving their all and can achieve anything two years ago but never thought I got one stage in your fitness model bomb you take action that's a stock he???s putting myself out there he's reached his 21 years old I'm 31 says kind other than intimidation factor sleepy reaching out to a 41-year-old pro bodybuilder instead put himself out there any reshot the guys were older than him you might have just said you coming every I got something to you and downs you know what in the background here the whole issue going on for status magazine I we've got over here I'll got the top five guys who were in the fitness model Chocolate world insulate the championship all shooting precise make today on myself saw Carlos upgrade will be here for October here I don't know a second-place tie it but you know obvious you're mixing it up with everybody you could be here you could be here next year with DOS hanging out making things happen for your life getting away from all the garbage in your life and making things happen making a name for yourself a one last thing I want to land his plane here are you relying on me to make you successful are you relying on the phone but talk in person going to make successful are you relying on the meat organizers here to meet successful you know the big problem business



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