AIP diet - how long till you saw improvement?

Asked on February 16, 2016
Created February 16, 2016 at 12:01 AM

Hello all!

I was wondering how long it took folks with an auto-immune disorder to see improvement in their symptoms. I have lichen planopilaris and maybe a thyroid condition (that one is undiagnosed as of yet). I have been on strict AIP for 14 weeks now with absolutly zero improvement in my symptoms. Actually, I feel worse.

I went from a mostly-vegan diet (with only very occasional gluten consumption) to the AIP paleo. Since startintg I have had IBS/IBD symtoms, more frequent headaches, and gradulally worsening auto-immune symptoms. I had never had IBS/IBD symptoms in my life before starting the diet. The naturopath I am working with has tried me on a ton of supplements and other therapies without change.

I think something I am eating on STRICT AIP is something I am sensitive to. When I took out most of the meat I was eating the IBS-like symptoms and brain fog have cleared up somewhat. I have had to add more carbs due to taking away the meat (sweet potatoes and squash) simply because I feel too hungry otherwise. I am taking digestive enzymes, probiotics, homemopathic anti-inflamatories, and vitamin mineral supplements (that I test deficeint in).

I feel like I'm going crazy, to be honest. Not because I am having out of control cravings but because I feel terrible without any results. I do have known food alergies and sensitivities but I haven't tested everything. I do keep a food journal but it hasn't given me any concrete answers.

I guess I need to know the end-game and would love to hear others experinces. Did people start reintroducing foods before they felt a change in their symptoms?

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