Irritability and Mood

Asked on March 02, 2018
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Oh my goodness. Okay I need help. It was enough to be overanalyzing every food becuase I thought it would help my skin, but now I really feel that certain mental symptoms are being brought out by different foods. But its leaving me with NOTHING to eat!! Ive gone through SO many phases trying different diets and decided histamine has to be an issue for me. Okay. So eventually I got to a point where I had just tried absoltuely everything and felt like I should give the Heathers von vorous fiber thing a try. So I was eating lots of white spelt flour, and I thought I felt okay! I was also eating ice cream at the time (silly) and ended up having really bad cramping and diarrhea with my period. I couldnt tell if it was the spelt or the ice cream so I gave up on both. That leads me to fodmaps again. Okay so I guess Ill try eating white potatoes and bell peppers and eggs and other foods like that. WELL, enter in feeling like a crazy person and crying for no reason! That is the mental symptom I seem to get, like little things that arent that big of a deal, crying. And thats not ME! Anwyas. So I decide okay, its the nightshades. Get rid of nightshades. Still eating eggs, still crying for no reason. Decide its the eggs, get rid of eggs. Okay now what do I eat. I guess Ill try the AIP diet again? That means histamine foods and sweet potaotes. Okay screw it maybe histamine isnt a problem. But now after a couple of days eating sweet potatoes and ground turkey and bacon. I feel almost MORE irritable. Not weepy anymore, but IRRITABLE. AH!!!! So is it the histamine then? Or the oxoalates? I know I get joint pain from oxalates, but I thought I'd just give it a try again. So now... what in the WORLD does one eat, when they are avoiding, histamine, fodmaps, oxalates, salicylates, nightshades, and EGGS!!? What do I eat.. 

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