How can you be sure you have quality eggs for eating raw?

Asked on August 14, 2016
Created August 14, 2016 at 6:43 PM

Just looking for a good egg…. especially if I am going to ingest raw like one of councelors has suggested I do.

I have a farm I favor for their eggs that have bright yellow yolks that stand up tall. I have visited and talked to and questioned the prior owner/farmer. They were fresh local farm eggs from free range hens on a little non GMO feed mostly insect diet and the hens had one or more roasters with them as well.  The farm is under new owners now and while the quality of the eggs seem the same I really need to confirm all the details again.

We had a preventative medicine doctor 20+ years ago who used to suggest 33 second boiled eggs to protect against bacteria but that may have been because at the time we had no ideal choice other than grocery store eggs.

My Metabolic Counselor recommends fertile eggs. I'm not so sure I can determine that or identify the 'bullseye' on the yolk as mentioned  at the fresh eggs daily site.

Also does it damage the eggs nutritional value to Vitamix blend raw eggs into a berry/protein smoothie?

So very many opinions out there pro and cons with folks about eggs.

Cons:  The Perfect Formula Diet, Seven dangers of eating eggs

Pros:  Fresh Eggs Daily,  Are my chicken eggs fertile?

I try to eat a ‘Clean’, (Quality, Organic, Fresh, Seasonal,) mostly plant Paleo type diet now. But in the past  for a period of time I was vegetarian and for a shorter time was eating vegan. I feel better eating a diet of small amounts of fruit, meats and eggs with a lot of veggies (steamed and raw) and mostly avoiding grains and dairy. Sugar is the kiss of death for me I do normally avoid it directly or in foods.

Via my faith I am free to eat anything but I believe not all things are profitable. I am not legalistic about this and can occasionally eat food I do not normally eat.  I pray and give thanksgiving before most all my meals.   I believe I should constantly make the best choices I can for both my thoughts and what food I eat. Involves a lot of study and trial and error as to what fuels my body the best.

How do you all find good eggs?  

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