Hack my student-paleo diet?

Asked on November 21, 2013
Created November 21, 2013 at 12:46 PM

I've been following my own version of paleo for the last four months and for the most part it's been great!

One of the main challenges for me is the cost and time, I'm a student so my time and money budget is pretty scarce.

Lately I've found myself falling into a particular pattern of eating, especially when it comes to breakfast and lunch and I'm starting to question whether it's ideal in the long-term.

So for example today:


1 banana (play around with half a banana sometimes)

Few scoops of natural probiotic yoghurt (Started on full-fat greek but I seem to go over-board when it's there)

5-6 macadamia nuts (For the sake of saving money I try to use small amounts of my nuts)

5-6 Almonds

5-6 Pecan Halves

1 Brazil nut

Tsp. Sunflower seeds

Tsp. Flaxseed (I like the crunchy-texture it gives)

All of which is sprinkled with cinnamon, yum yum.

Insert snack here: Sometimes a hardboiled egg, a granny smith or a few hazelnuts.


3 boiled eggs

1/2 avocado (I only manage avocado twice a week or so, damned ripening time!)



Dijon mustard/mayo dressing


Chicken breast (Sometimes it'll be a pork chop, a salmon fillet or three big sausages)

And some mixture of these (saut??ed in coconut oil):


And sometimes one of these: Butternut squash/Broccoli/Kale

(Also I like my soy-sauce still.. )

After Dinner Snacking:

This is usually where my binging happens, I've had issues with cheese, dark chocolate, cashews and dates. Their mass consumption would usually fit into a little bubble here. The lack of control around some foods isn't new though, I've struggled with binging pre-paleo but I'm currently avoiding eating the aforementioned, I might throw some dark chocolate in again soon as a treat, but right now I'm trying to clean things up a little more and remove trigger-foods.

That's the gist of things, any recommendations as to what amendments should be made? (Also comments on macros are welcomed)

I'm aware of the nut and omega-6 issue, but I do enjoy that breakfast, I've contemplated having eggs during breakfast time with bacon, but the idea of having MORE eggs for lunch after is a little sickening.

I'm fairly dependent on eggs as they're nice and affordable and I like saving my money for my dinner meats.

*Using Cronometer it seems my iron and calcium seem to always be a little on the lower end also.

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