Eggs causing gas?

Answered on April 21, 2014
Created April 18, 2014 at 8:05 AM

I eat at least 2 eggs every morning, most often with half an avocado for breakfast. I have had very odorous farts and am wondering if it's due to the eggs (They're the only thing I eat consistently from day to day). If it is the eggs, does this mean I'm intolerant? I basically subsist off of them for breakfast and can't imagine having to give them up. Thoughts?

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6 Answers


on April 21, 2014
at 12:26 PM

Yes eggs cause gas in stomach, mostly the white part of the egg cause gas in stomach.


on April 20, 2014
at 03:53 PM

I noticed the same when I used to eat the whites .. BIN THE WHITES or give them to someone else!

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on April 19, 2014
at 07:27 AM

I go through phases of eating lots of eggs daily too and eventually it gives me stomach upset. When I know it's hitting me I gotta lay off them about a week or so and that kinda reboots my system. Try phasing them in/out. For some reason baked and hard boiled eggs make my farts smell like a geyser.


on April 19, 2014
at 05:08 AM

I stopped eating eggs when I went on a rotation diet over three years ago. Last year my doctor suggested I could use digestive enzimes to help digest the eggs. I got loose stools and foul odered gas, even with the digestive enzimes, so I don't eat eggs anymore, though I occationally eat cole slaw and potato salad, which are usually made with mayonnaise. All of my life I had a problem with gas which caused me no end of embarassment. I find gluten - which I don't eat now, but sometimes it creeps into my diet - gives me lots of gas with little odor.




on April 18, 2014
at 10:15 AM

if your farts smell fishy, it could be due to the choline in the egg yolks.

& if you are really unlucky, you may have gone one step further & have a rare metabolic disorder know as trimethylaminuria (aka 'fish odor syndrome')

(if your farts do Not smell fishy, then choline is probably not the cause)



on April 18, 2014
at 09:48 AM

Egg white has gut irritating proteins. You can try only egg yolk and see how it feels.

Egg yolk is easier to digest. It has good amount of protein and almost all the vitamins and

minerals of whole egg.

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