Constant bad gas - Confused and frustrated

Answered on August 28, 2017
Created April 24, 2015 at 2:10 AM

For the past two months, I've been about 98% vegan, processed sugar, soy and gluten free. I've been officially paleo for about 3 weeks or so only with the change of cutting all grains out.

During all of the past two months, I've experienced bad gas and bloating.  I tried for a week only eating vegetables, potatoes and little fat.  I wasn't feeling any better so today, I decided to switch the potatoes out with 2 eggs in the morning.  I felt a difference in energy today as well as concentration and mood but still no improvement with the gas, which isn't surprising.

Occasionally, (no more than twice a week in the past year)  I get sick of being bloated, cave, and take psyllium husk or Smooth Move tea to alleviate discomfort.  I've been advised not to take laxative teas in the past as it can make your colon lazy. But, when nothing is working down there, my impatience and stubborness get the better of me.    

I've read multiple times that it could just be the change in diet. I've always had belly problems growing up (I'm 18 now) and i've been very health conscious because of that. My family tried many different "diets": raw food, body ecology, vegetarian, vegan, and now paleo, just trying to trouble shoot all of the problems we've had with weight gain, bloating and the like. Bloating seems to occur most often when switching to a high-fiber diet from an unhealthy one and because I haven't had an "unhealthy" diet in a long time, it's difficult for me to see this as being the reason. Although, a life of all of constant changes could be the very reason.

I'm sure everyone goes through this stage but it's hard not getting discouraged. I feel like I keep cutting things out and still have problems.  Am I allergic to food?! Lol

If you've read this far, I'd appreciate any tips or advice you have to give! Thank you!

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on August 28, 2017
at 06:16 AM

Many people are struggling with Gas, bloating and other bathroom problems. the symptoms may related to diet or some serious medical problem. I too suffering form this problem. In my case, capsicum is the triggered food, whenever i eat capsicum i feel gas in my stomach, i feel exhausted. All i am doing is avoiding green capsicum. I don't eat capsicum at all. The other causes of excessive gas are:

Food is the main cause of extreme gas, the reaction of the body varies from body to body. Foods with natural sugars, high-fiber foods, and starchy foods are all likely to cause gas because of the way the body breaks them down, or has difficulty breaking them down. Incomplete Protein Digestion, Gut Bacteria Imbalance, Drinking carbonated beverages, Eating or drinking very quickly and Smoking.

The ways to overcome this problem are:

Avoid Foods which causes gas, Don't drink before meal, Try Activated Charcoal, Avoid Artificial Sweeteners, eat and drink slowly and avoid strong medications. Make these few changes in your dietary intake and daily life can helps you to overcome your problem. Good luck


on April 28, 2015
at 10:06 PM

It sounds like you are dabbling with Paleo, but either have not done much research or haven't truely embraced it. Try reading Your Personal Paleo Code by Chris Kresser. This book does a great job explaining what to do the first 30 days, during the hard core elimination period, and then how to maintain there after. It also talks about combining foods for best digestion and absorption.

Also, try adding fermented foods to your diet like kombucha, keifer water and sauerkraut. These are loaded with natural probiotics that help greatly with your entire digestive tract. I, too, have had digestion problems for years. I tend to have a rather slow digestive system and get constipated easily. What has worked best for me is a probiotic supplement called Prescript-Assist. I had tried many different kinds of probiotics over the years, but this one did the trick. It took a while, 3-4 weeks, of being on it to finally become regular. I take two caps in the am, but when I'm off, I take an additional two at night before bed. You might have to start with a higher dose to help clear things up, and then work down to a maintenance dose. You can get Prescript Assist at NourishingWorld.com.


on April 24, 2015
at 09:17 PM

I would give each diet a little more time to see if it works.  2-3 weeks is not enough time to figure out if it's really working or not.  Try to stick to something for 2-3 months.

You say you're Paleo but eating potatoes every morning, I'm not quite following that.  White potatoes are not forbidden on the diet but you generally don't much of them. If you want to go with a really Paleo diet you should eat pretty much nothing but eggs, meat, vegetables, some fruit (not a ton) and nuts (also not a lot).  Breakfast especially should be protein-based and low carb.  You mentioned that this works for you so you should continue with that.

Gas and poor digestion can be caused by a bunch of different foods, generally this means that your digestion is not complete, i.e. you're eating something that you are not processing fully. It could also mean you're just eating too many starchy foods, or that you're eating something that you have a reaction to (i.e. allergy).  One way to figure this out is to eat an "elimination" diet for a few weeks, go strict Paleo.  This is actually what I did and it did wonders for me.  When I was not strict with the diet or if I kept changing it I did not really see any benefits, but once I went 100% Paleo and stuck to it I felt great. 


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