Anyone looking for Pastured, Cage Free, and Soy Free Eggs in South Jersey?

Commented on January 02, 2016
Created November 03, 2012 at 8:47 PM

Has anyone tried eggs from FAR Wind Farm LLC.<>

They are a small family owned farm in Williamstown NJ,raising pastured free range eggs and have soy free!<> I found them on Localharvest.org Search Farms New Jersey. I'd like to know if they are worth the drive?



on December 30, 2015
at 03:16 PM

They have great eggs They're located at 1844 Winslow Rd Williamstown (Open year round) 609-774-0629 They have a facebook page and a web page

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4 Answers


on December 30, 2015
at 03:41 PM

Are eggs too much omega 6 versus omega 3? The ratio is supposed to to 4x omega 3 to 1x omega 6. You can even buy eggs that are higher in omega 3, but I'm not sure how they are doing that. Feeding them more grass?


on January 02, 2016
at 07:22 PM

Generally, I agree. However, pastured eggs naturally have a much better ratio.

Usually omega-3 eggs are made by adding either flax or fish oil to chicken feed. The way I understand it, the flax mostly only contributes to ALA content, so it's not very useful. Pastured eggs are your best bet.


on December 30, 2015
at 03:18 PM

The best eggs they are open year round. 1844 Winslow Rd Williamstown NJ  609-774-0629 you can find them on facebook they also have a webpage


on December 22, 2015
at 11:57 AM

Without a doubt the best eggs in New Jersey. Their farm is located at 1844 Winslow Road Williamstown NJ

They are open year round you can see the hens grazing while you buy your eggs They have a facebook page.


on December 10, 2013
at 07:21 AM

@Patty 5 Absolutely worth the drive, you can also find their eggs at the Collingswood Farmers Market.

Very friendly family farm, as soon as you arrive you know you have found the real deal.

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