Alternative Egg Breakfasts without Use of Cook Top / Range?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 29, 2010 at 9:34 PM

I've been without a functional stove top (cook top / range / etc.) for a few days now, and it looks like the repairman won't be able to get it fixed until well into next week.

Eggs fried in salted Kerrygold are my go-to breakfast (and hot, mashed boiled eggs are my second). I was really looking forward to kicking off the new year with some high protein breakfasts, but now I'm wondering:

Can I "fry" eggs with my oven broiler or my convection toaster oven...or (gasp) the microwave? Tips on how?

I'm not looking for long-term solutions, just something that will get me tasty hot eggs in the morning for the next few days. I'm an experienced quiche-maker, but it doesn't have that hot, runny yolk effect that I crave. :)

Thanks in advance for your tips to get me through the interim.


on December 29, 2010
at 10:44 PM

Will SO be trying the broiling method here tomorrow a.m. Thanks. :)

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6 Answers



on December 29, 2010
at 09:58 PM

Oh, yes! Make a Fritata! They are much easier to make than omelettes and they are delicious.

To make one, set your oven rack to the upper middle position and turn the heat to 400 degrees. Steam any veggies that you want to add, in your microwave, with a little water. Some of my favorites are asparagus, spinach, tomato and goat cheese, mushrooms and thyme, and bacon and onions. You can add any leftover sausage you might have around, too. Mostly, I use whatever veggie / meat was left over from the night before.

Once your veggies are ready, add them to a pan. Beat your eggs, herb of choice, and add some salt/pepper to taste. Add to the pan and shake it so everything is evenly distributed. Then, just pop it in the oven until the eggs are puffed and the center is set. That's usually around 15 minutes. If you want, you can take it out at the 10 minute mark and put it under the broiler for a minute or two to brown the top / get the job done faster.

** update **

I missed the part about the hot runny yolk effect. You CAN do that in your broiler. You just have to preheat it for at least 10 minutes ,with the pan inside, before popping your eggs in there. They will cook much faster than on the stove top, so check on them after 2 minutes and if they are set enough to flip, then do so. You'll need a metal spatula and a quick toss. Another minute should give you nice over easy eggs. I've made them in the broiler for dinner parties as a topping for roast asparagus. It can be done.


on December 29, 2010
at 10:44 PM

Will SO be trying the broiling method here tomorrow a.m. Thanks. :)


on December 29, 2010
at 09:50 PM

I love making microwaving "pop eggs" and I found someone on the web who made a great HOW-TO. http://www.foodnotfuss.com/how-to-microwave-an-egg/

The short of it, is that you put a smidge of oil or maple syrup in the base of a microwaveable mug, cover it with an egg + whatever ingredients you like, cover it with a saucer, and microwave till the egg makes a POP sound. that's it... enjoy!

If you like your eggs completely done... Stop the microwave, put the egg back in place, then cover and microwave till it POPs again.

also, this is a great food trick for entertaining kids that you are feeding/babysitting.

It is food with a soundtrack!



on December 30, 2010
at 05:38 AM

i've known many (crazy imho) people to eat microwaved eggs. like everything cooked in the microwave, they steam. if you can tolerate the texture, go for it.

at a cafe i frequent, they "steam scramble" eggs with (i kid you not) the milk steamer appendage of an espresso machine. if you have one at home...


on December 30, 2010
at 01:41 AM

you can steam them if you have a little steamer or rice cooker. I got a little cheapo rice cooker w/ steamer basket and I make my "boiled" eggs in it. Comes out perfectly with very little water and energy.


on December 29, 2010
at 11:50 PM

You can probably cook eggs easily in the toaster oven with a muffin tin. Hmmm..I think I'll be trying that soon.



on December 29, 2010
at 09:44 PM

I doubt you would be able to fry eggs in the microwave, simply because it would cook the yolks before the whites were cooked through, leaving you without that runny yolk effect. The broiler cooks from the top, so I wouldn't try that either. I just found this, which you could try. http://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100626174358AAqOjmB

otherwise, roasted red pepper, onion, and spinach quiches would be my solution. :). Raw cheese never hurts either.

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