egg whites: the white stuff?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created August 03, 2011 at 4:43 PM

Hi all. Question re: egg whites: (1) should one eat them at all(their nutritional value seems negligible outside of protein and their avidin, cooked or not, raises question marks in my mind); (2)What is the best way to cook them?; (3) can they be kept out of the fridge for, say, multiple hours? In heat? I'm concerned as they seem pretty volatile(being liquid and all). I usually consume 12 yolks with some butter for a meal and simultaneously fry up the whites to go with another but...I'm thinking all that sodium and anti-nutrient content might make the game unworthy of the candle. Any opinions on this?

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5 Answers



on August 03, 2011
at 05:45 PM

hey man, the yokes contain the sodium, not the whites. i would never separate yolk and white, they were made together, they shall remain together!


on August 04, 2011
at 05:30 AM

Quite honestly? I think your overthinking it. Eat them and don't worry about it. Eggs are good food.



on August 03, 2011
at 05:11 PM

Nearly everything I've read indicates that eggs are pretty much a wonder-food. Here's something:



on October 23, 2012
at 05:09 AM

Taste great in coffee??

This is something about which I need more information...



on July 18, 2012
at 12:38 AM

I segregate my eggs.

I buy dirt cheap eggs (usually $1/dozen) and discard the yolks. The toxic fats in these are bad and I dislike the taste.

I get farm 2-dozen fresh eggs from a local Amish farmer once a week and eat every last bit of these. I usually hard boil half of them for a few days. They taste great in coffee, over some squash or sweet potato, in protein shakes and even just raw/lightly cooked.

I'm all about relishing the quality fats in eggs but after having some awesome pastured eggs, I just can't eat conventional ones. Anytime I get around them, I'll eat the whites if I need protein, otherwise, I'll pass.

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