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Asked on July 22, 2014
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The chap is you never 640-554 send your password over the wire what happens is ready to put all the same ingredients in there and hit puree and park it pits but that hatch now if anything is different in fact that blender which the only thing that could be different is that pre-shared key thought they had the wrong key on router to side it???s going to spit out different hash at which point right he was going to reject that packet thing ok are you failed the authentication cell chap is a hash version a much more secure in the end then pap the good news about chap is it's very easy to configure between the two so here's how it???s going to play out rather one and router to actually use their host name hosting now remember it so it's at some point we would have had to configure for instance writer want to have the hosting right one so it can use its hostname as its username so it's going to come over to Russia and say hi writer to you %uh time router one now ready to use going to look in its database in its cut they do I know a router one so what we need to do is create an account on Robert is or going to create what's called a username router one and assign rider won some kind of password now that pastor has to be the same as whatever we assign.


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