What is the ideal position for eating?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 05, 2012 at 1:54 AM

In general, we probably don't give much thought to our physical position when eating and for the majority of the Western world we tend to sit down to eat. I'm curious as to whether there is a more healthy position to adopt when consuming food, like squatting or lying down. Other cultures and traditions have a very different approach, for example Japanese traditionally kneel (seiza-style?) around a very low table, wealthy Romans laid down on couches in their triclinium and HGs probably squat around the camp fire. Personally, I like to lie back when eating as I find the food travels much more easily into my stomach. What's your experience with different postures/positions for eating, do you find some are better than others?

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on August 05, 2012
at 03:53 AM

I like eating at the kitchen counter, standing up. Everyone thinks it's sort of weird. And they always ask me, "do you want to sit down?" And I'm just like, "if I wanted to sit down, I would sit down."

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on August 05, 2012
at 03:08 AM

I like eating sitting down at the table, mostly out of habit, but while snacking I generally enjoy it more standing. My sister often eats snacks laying down, though I can't do that as it feels like the food gets stuck halfway.

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