Advice for gastroparesis on paleo

Answered on November 22, 2013
Created November 22, 2013 at 1:03 AM

Hi all I have gastroparesis and colonic inertia and maybe still sibo and have been on a paleo diet for the last 2 and a bit weeks, some of my tummy pain has decreased but because of my condition i am not able to eat as much fat/protein and nuts, raw foods etc without having pain and fullness- am so so fatigued, have energy crashes, feel run down, skin and hair have gotten worse and I am just wondering if its just normal or if I am not replacing the carbs with enough other stuff in order to heal my body. Just wondering if anyone else has these issues or if you know the reasons for this? I don't mind pushing through if I will get better but at the moment I feel like I'm making things worse! I am currently on digestive enzyme, probiotics, multi vitamins, iron supplements, Drink broths, greens smoothies, soups, well cooked veg, meat and eggs, fruit and almond milk, small amounts of fats and but always small amounts so my stomach can digest it. Thanks for any advice

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2 Answers


on November 22, 2013
at 11:16 AM

I would cut out the iron supplements and eggs until the colonic inertia improves, then slowly introduce eggs back.


on November 22, 2013
at 10:52 AM

I'm not an expert, but I'm a type 1 diabetic so I'm aware of the danger of having gastroparesis. As long as I know, many people with gastroparesis improve their condition on a diet with no grains or legumes, such as paleo diet. Starchy foods are more difficult to digest and tend to stay longer on a stomach than good meat, eggs or fish. I'd eat plenty of good veggies and fish since they're more 'liquid'. Consider having protein powder or baby food (not paleo, but it seems to work). Don't eat too much protein at night. Be careful with nuts. Chew carefully. In my case, I've never had gastroparesis but my digestion has improved since I do low carb. In times when I have some stomach pain or slow digestion, I do ab work (like crunches or planks) after every meal and works nice, because having a strong rectus abdominis improves digestion. If you're skinny maybe you need to gain some weight, and If you're fat you need to lose it. Have you tried taking Domperidone? It seems to work on many people.

I would say that there's nothing like having normal blood sugars (around 83mg/dl, and never more than 100mg/dl or less than 70mg/dl) and a low insulin sensitivity if you want to have a healthy stomach, and that's something you'll achieve with a strict paleo diet with limited fruit (1-3 pieces of fruit a day max.)

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