Help! Dorm-style living for 2 weeks on a budget with no kitchen; not even a fridge!

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 18, 2012 at 7:51 PM

I have successfully been eating mostly paleo for close to 6 months now and just feel wonderful. I have lost 20 pounds, have more energy, etc. etc.

So here is my dilemma- starting this weekend I am headed out of town for two weeks and will be living dorm style....with no sort of kitchen. Not even a fridge!! ugh. I'm so bummed about it because I really thought I would be able to access a fridge of some sort. (I feel like with a fridge I could handle it and bring cooked meat, salad stuff, etc.)

I still would like to bring as much food as I can with me in order to save some money (I'm on a very tight budget) so was hoping the paleohacks community could help me brainstorm some ideas of what I can bring. What vegetables can keep for a good amount of time out of the fridge? Anything other than canned meat as far as protein is concerned? And then of course I will bring some fruit and nuts to help me get by as well.

And lastly- I'm going to be at MIT in Cambridge, MA so if there are any locals on here with any tips from places in the area I will gladly accept any and all advice.




on July 18, 2012
at 07:58 PM

can you rent a dorm fridge?

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3 Answers



on July 18, 2012
at 08:20 PM

A few days on counter - Bananas, mangoes, plum peaches, tomatoes, avocados, lemons, limes, onions, root-on lettuce with roots in a cup of water for a few days, basil in cup of water - cut stems right before putting it in water.

Longer - coconut, not very ripe tomatoes, hard avocados,

Sweet potatoes, potatoes, garlic if you have at least a microwave. I've also kept swiss chard going in a cup of water for up to a week if it was very fresh when bought.

Kimchi, fresh sauerkraut or make your own.

See if there is a produce market or a seafood market that steams (most of them do) near where you'll be.

Mostly restaurants, so might not be in your price range - http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=Paleo&find_loc=Cambridge%2C+MA

MIT Produce Stand - http://www.yelp.com/biz/mit-produce-stand-cambridge

Tuna, sardine, salmon in cans. Jerky &/or pemmican (for cheapest, dry good meat before going). Steamed fresh fish/seafood should be easy to find there.

Ghee, coconut oil, olive oil.



on July 18, 2012
at 08:56 PM

There is a Trader Joe's in Cambridge. You can usually find great paleo approved stuff on the cheap at TJs.

One of the great things about the greater Boston area is that you can find a ton of produce at local farmer's markets by foot or a few T stops away.

If you IF you could eliminate worrying about 1 meal a day right there.

Think of this as a true paleo adventure...our ancestors didn't have mini fridges either! This is your chance to rock paleo hardcore.

Good luck, and no matter what it is only 2 weeks. Make the best choices you can and regroup after the 2 weeks are up.



on July 18, 2012
at 08:11 PM

  1. consider a compact minifrige, big enough to store only a few things, small enough to toss in your car and carry yourself.

  2. consider renting a dorm fridge, they usually have a service associated with the dorms. That whole area is Univ after uni so there has to be some choices for students like yourself, ask when you get there (ie: RA's or other returning students)

  3. I keep most of my fruits and some veggies out to ripen for a few days, so if you are shopping every couple days, it could work.....otherwise maybe consider fermenting some veggies and bring with in mason jars.

4 Consider a small ice chest, put your stuff in sealed ziplocks and if you have access to ice, keep topping it up every day. .

The good news is its only for 2 wks, so just consider shopping more frequently or adapting for that time framee.

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