Will it hurt me to eat my own seamon

Asked on December 05, 2016
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As a very young man, reaching puberty, I found I could reach about two inches of the penis in my mouth. Something that I feel is much like sucking my own thumb or fingers. The fact I could suck it caused me to ejaculate rather quickly. At first, I would spit it out till one day I was almost caught and had to swallow it. For days I feared I would die. When I again tried it this time I swallow it as fast as it came out. Sometimes, it tasted bitter then I found after eating pineapple or  bananas it tasted sweet so after that the problem was getting the fruit to make it taste sweet. I have never had an STD so I don't know what that would do to me. Some women have commented how sweet my seamen tasted. I do have to watch my weight so I can self service. Some times when I would use the bathroom in service I would just slide my butt forward on the john and have a go at it.  I did not do this in the public side by side johns just the ones with doors. Self service was always faster than with my hand. I have never done oral service on another man but love to give oral to a woman using the clit and index finger on the g spot. Some women just about die when they orgasm and I love it more when they then give oral to me. I have usually been able to switch back and forth as much as four times. This usually takes close to four hours to do and I fine women love the fact the time spent to gather is quite invigorating for both of us. I have found that after they get married. I have had them call me for a meeting. so I have had to do some out of town business trips to make them happy as well as myself. I still have not had any problem with ingesting my own seamen. I have gained weight on different occasion forcing a very strict diet to be able to self service so don’t let your eating make it to where you can’t eat yourself. I have had a lot of men tell me they have tried to suck themselves but they just can’t reach it. I am guessing they have a short penis but mine is only seven inches long. When I was a kid I could put my feet behind my head and hear my parents yell you will break your back or make it grow crooked. Then when I found out sucking myself felt good I would hide and have fun. No mess or tell, tell signs to clean up. It was really hard to do in bed but sitting on the floor made it much easier. Just put my testicles between my legs with it standing up like a Popsicle. Just the head is all you ever really need. I have been having a go at it now for going on fifty years so now you are guessing can I and just who the hell is this guy. That part I will never tell.   


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