Will changing eating habits result in weight gain?

Answered on September 20, 2013
Created September 18, 2013 at 8:53 PM

Hello! I am a young teenaged girl and i just started the primal lifestyle about a week ago. Its only been a week so far and im already noticing positive changes in my body. I'm not overweight or heavy, i just decided to try this in hope of acheiving a greater level of fitness and health because i box. Although Ive been thinking the past few days. If in the future i decide that i would rather stop this lifestyle would i gain all the weight and fat back that i lost? Of course i dont mean going back to my old eating habits. Id pay attention to what i eat and still make healthy choices but i would be introducing dairy and whole grains back into my diet. As much as i like the idea of continuing to life a primal lifestyle i really want to enjoy my teenaged years and all the healthy (but not primal) food offered during them.

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on September 18, 2013
at 11:08 PM

What do you mean "all the healthy (but not primal) food offered" ? Some examples . . .

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on September 20, 2013
at 05:24 PM

This is a good question! Some people feel like they have to do this 100% or 100% of the time. Others accept that they're in a culture that makes it exceptionally hard to eat perfectly healthy all of the time so it's okay to do well 80% of the time. Like Nick 39, I say enjoy yourself. If you want to hang with friends and go outside of the primal lifestyle now and again, it's unlikely to hurt you unless you're an extremely serious athlete.


on September 19, 2013
at 08:05 PM

I'd say that eating in a certain way will move you towards a certain associated body composition (with all the extra factors of age/stress/exercise amount/etc. added in). Dieting for a while and then returning to an old way of eating will generally mean you will gain the weight back overtime. Eating healthy for a while now can only help long term, but if you eat poorly for a long period of time it will probably catch up with you. If you eat somewhere in between, your body will probably end up somewhere in between.

Anyway, my answer to the underlying question is that you only live once, and it's not forever. It's up to you to set your own priorities. Some people don't see any reason to sacrifice their ideals (eating healthy, living "paleo") to fit into cultural norms, other people thing it's perfectly fine to cheat sometimes and do the best they can the rest of the time. Others still eat a 100% SAD and are content with that. I'd argue that none of them are wrong. The only wrong choice would be to not be happy with the way you are living your life. With that, I say enjoy!



on September 18, 2013
at 09:20 PM

too complex a question to even ask, there are ways of weight management that have nothing to do with food choice... imo you can lose weight eating almost anything, granted some things will be quicker/more tasty/more healthy/more satiating.

check out, its more oriented towards athletes. keeping in mind women naturally keep a higher body fat % than men by atleast 5-10%.


TL: DR - eat as healthy as you can/want, use hormones pasterns for weight control.

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