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kind of way he but my here it is straight so I really do much for it to be even worse straight year 01 have you ever tried coconut oil you're here yes I that's what I actually be doing make the natural way than then on process one yes coconut oil 2009 okay do you do any home remedies you're here yes that coconut oil saying that's what I actually doing tonight here and I we going to be making here DIY release for your hair so it's going to be included FB1-TEST in my hair talk series case of the questions by the way are repeating so and she questions on that are not yet tackle how often to use heat when you're here %uh its bit that I haven't been using heat on mohair how did your hair software now stands at how do you make your hair grow so much how do you keep my hair soft okay its all the process using our in my updated hair care team that's how to keep my hair soft for this thread and sparked I told you having think ends is going to prevent you from stance really had also trimming your hair and you use any special he plans to make you go faster how often do you wash your hair I washy hair every other day I don't wash it every day said if you wash your hair every single day here here's go to is going to dry out it.


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