Hack my red rudolph nose please...

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 01, 2012 at 2:53 AM

Hey ya'll! Here's the quick low-down. 23 yr old female. Been living a paleo lifestyle for about 6 months now (80/20 rule - occassional dairy, alcohol and on the odd social occassion where a non-paleo meal has been provided... still try to make the best of these situations if options are available of course). LOVE paleo and its approach towards healthy wellbeing. See myself growing old and grey living life this way... as a lean, mean, primal machine of course

Mainly a question about skin... specifically, the skin around my nose. I've always had pretty good skin in general. All through my teenage years, hardly got a pimple! Wasn't until I hit my 20's the odd one or 2 came up. I started getting a bad bunch of juicy little suckers about 2 years ago which can be attributed to lifestyle changes, stress, etc etc. Anyway, since going paleo, it seems my skin LOVES my new diet and this is reflected in my glowing, smooth and pimple-free skin. (when I've sidetracked or had a rough few days, the odd pimple still comes up but I can at least pin it to the cause).

But there has been, one small and rather frustrating thing happen. My nose has been ungoing some rather strange changes. When I first went paleo, it was obnoxiously oily. The pores were secreting goeey little black heads everywhere! But the pores were still, somehow dry/scaley. Hard to explain! Anyway, at the start of winter (southern hemisphere dweller here so that was about June time), I then developed a dry red rash that slightly stings when I stretch my nose or touch it. I had a bit of runny nose and it probably came about as a result of simply wiping my nose a bit too much. You know what I'm talking about, that runny red, flu nose look. Problem is, how many months later and I still have the redness, the horrific dryness (like flaking skin dry where my pores are on the side of my nose) and these little red pimply lumps that would be part of the rash. I apply coconut oil to my face as part of my daily moisturising routine and rosehip at night (I've experimented not using then, but there were no changes). I also apply paw-paw ointment during the day to help with the dryness.

So advice please! Any foods that could potentially be contributing to or stopping the rash from healing? Any natural products or remedies I could try? Naturally, I want to stay away from chemicals and nasty mainstream creams. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

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on October 01, 2012
at 03:27 AM

Sounds like rosacea. Hot, spicy foods and alcohol can exacerbate it.



on October 01, 2012
at 03:08 AM

Do not try to get rid of your red nose! It is your destiny! Santa needs you. No, the WORLD needs you. Can you imagine the collective disharmony and chaos that would ensue if presents are not delivered on schedule this Christmas? The one thing that holds the world together by its fragile seams is those cherished Christmas gifts. Without this to look forward to children will run amok in the streets, cynicism will reign from the clouds and slowly our red, vibrant, beating hearts will smolder like wet coal under the weight of the world.

So I ask...I beg you! Do not get rid of that red nose. I know this is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders but you can do it. You must!

Malvalio: In my stars I am above thee; but be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em.

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