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Answered on November 23, 2016
Created November 15, 2016 at 9:44 PM

How much milk a day is too much milk?  I ussally drink three small milk cartoons a day.  

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on November 23, 2016
at 12:00 PM

Cordain has a 85:15 rule, saying it´s okay to eat 15% non paleo foods. If one becomes fanatical about restricting dietary items to the point of not being able to live a normal social life, that could cause a set of health problems too. So if you tolerate dairy, a small amount may be okay, especially if your ancestors ate much dairy and you have their genes. I actually think that dairy in small quanties could be similar to for example red wine; 1/2 glass red wine per day may offer some benefits, 2 glasses per day more harm than good. The advantages with dairy products is especially the fermented types like kefir/yogurt, some cheeses and the colostrum, all could have beneficial effect on the digestive system and prevent undesirable microbes, including maybe viruses (which has been linked to cancer).

Maybe dairy products to supply 200-300 mg calcium per day is optimal. It could be a daily average of for example 1/4 cup colostrum (made from 5 gram powder) mixed with 1/4 cup kefir, and then 10-20 grams of some raw milk cheese like parmesan or roquefort. The parmesan cheese is made from cow milk and aged typically for 1-2 years. Another cheese is the roquefort, made from goat milk with the fungus penicillium roqueforti which has some strong anti-microbial properties (similar to penicillin).



on November 20, 2016
at 03:18 PM

It depends. Is the milk raw? A1 or A2?



on November 20, 2016
at 02:40 PM

Dairy is not paleo. http://thepaleodiet.com/qa-with-dr-cordain-milk/ http://thepaleodiet.com/dairy-milking-worth/

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