Have modern "Diet Documentary" films affected your Paleo lifestyle?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 16, 2012 at 2:48 PM

After a "Netflix Binge" over the past few weeks I have now watched several Guerrilla Documentaries and a couple of NatGeo specials regarding diet and lifestyle. I will admit many of their demonization of meat and animal products made me cringe, but some of the information has affected the way I eat somewhat and I'm happy with the result.

The Documentaries I've seen thus far:

Forks over Knives (The vegan agenda was pushed perhaps a bit too far but the information regarding nutrient density was interesting).

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (I love stories about people who have severely reversed chronic health conditions by diet and lifestyle, and this one showcases how a guy who goes on a juice fast resolves several long-term illnesses).

Food Matters (Rife with what I perceived to be some quackery, they backed away from a specifically vegan agenda, while still quipping at meat every once in awhile. I was very interested in the nutrient density and raw food benefits.)

The show I watched was "Medicine Men Go Wild" - specifically one episode where these two twins went to visit Siberian Chukti and one of the twins ate the traditional Chukti diet, the other ate what they considered a "typical Russian diet". Very interesting results on the blood lipid panels afterwards, but hardly unexpected.

So, have any of these movies (or others) affected the way you eat and live?



on January 16, 2012
at 02:59 PM

I'll go first (I meant to include it in the initial post but life intervened. I've started eating a ton more raw veggies. At least a pound a day, all crammed into a blender with water and drank (so I get the fiber) . I've also worked toward the goal of getting my omega 3's balanced.

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on January 16, 2012
at 03:01 PM

Yes. I watched Fathead, which brought me to reading Gary Taubes and the Eades (Protein Power).....then I watched a ton of the show No Reservations (with Anthony Bourdain). That was cool, because he always goes to the markets when he is in a new country, and you could see that the folks who are selling roasted meats (his favorite) are all small and sinewy looking, while the folks who are selling breads etc are usually overweight and have yucky teeth. I also watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Liked it. Loved Medicine Men Go Wild. I would say that those shows really turned me on to the Paleo idea, and now I am discovering Rob Wolf and Mark Sisson.


on January 16, 2012
at 03:39 PM

Harvest of Fear - the impact, even 10 years later, has never left me.


on January 16, 2012
at 03:31 PM

Along my Paleo journey I enjoyed:

1) Fathead - humorous, great to recommend for the newbie - got me into authors he recommended - Eades, Gary Taubes, etc.

2) The Oiling of America (Sally Fallon/Mary Enig - Weston Price) - good presentation, learned a lot! Her criticism of Paleo 1.0 was right on the dot - she criticized Paleo denigrating saturated fat!

3) King Corn - some parts were slow but still informative

4) Food Inc. - my qualm is that it portrayed the darkside of conventional meat processing but minimized conventional crops and health issues - with soy and wheat! I thought it was borderline sympathetic to vegetarianism.


on January 16, 2012
at 04:08 PM

Actually, documentaries (and a book and a movie and a youtube video... I'm very impressionable, apparently) are what got me on the road to paleolithic eating. I've not seen or read anything specifically touting veganism, the evils of meat, or anything like that; just the sadness and grossness behind CAFO, fast food, and processed products.

In order that I was exposed to them, thus changing how I eat: Supersize Me, Fast Food Nation (movie), Chew On This! (book), a TV documentary on the Food Channel about a woman cutting processed food out, Food, Inc. and Terry Wahls's TED Talk.



on January 16, 2012
at 02:56 PM

years ago I watched "Raw For Thirty Days" and I think it probably still colors what I think and practice.


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