Is there any type of manipulation that a chiropractor can perform that a doctor of osteopathy can't?

Answered on November 08, 2013
Created October 31, 2013 at 3:19 AM

Just looking to see if there is any type of practice that a DC can do that a DO can't. I'm deciding which career path to take



on October 31, 2013
at 03:21 AM

dislocate your neck? /sarc? ...Neck Cracking Compilation youtube

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on November 08, 2013
at 05:15 AM

In California, MDs and DOs can legally practice chiro manipulation. I have always had good treatment from chiros.

Until this week, I had a DO, who had practiced chiro before going back for that degree. She said she doesn't do manipulation any more because you need to practice it regularly to keep your touch. She referred me to a chiro who gets most of his patients from MDs.

(Her name is Kathleen H. King. She is moving to the SF Bay area. She is more paleo than I am. She upped my magnesium and D3, and discouraged me from any grains, even a bit of organic white rice or organic, sprouted tortillas.)

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on October 31, 2013
at 04:33 AM

Most of the ones I went to (DC's) were adept at performing the money grab from the wallet and giving me nothing much in return. I'd LOL if it wasn't so pathetic how much money they took from me for nothing. I had my best success with a PT who had trained for dealing with back problems.

I used an Osteopath once and he seemed less knowledgable about my health than some of the chiro's I'd been to. For a career I think DO has more prestige, but if you are looking for pure earnings power you can do very well as a Chiro if you are an aggressive SOB.

Sorry to be so cynical - but I've been burned so many times.

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