Dizziness and fat intake

Asked on November 21, 2013
Created November 21, 2013 at 2:09 AM

Does anyone have to make sure their fat intake is fairly high? When I started paleo, I had a lot of problems with dizziness and vertigo, but salt definitely seemed to help. I got my salt intake up, and it went away for a while, but then it came back. Except now it's almost like there's this buzzing in my head. It's been going on for nearly a month (and prior to this, I had a workup for some similar symptoms, and they never found anything so they've basically said there's nothing going on). Yesterday, I was *desperate* for some egg nog (after buying a carton for my family), so I found a recipe as to how to make it out of coconut milk (fairly low carb). I drank a cup last night, and felt a bit better. This morning, I drank a second cup, and it seems like the dizziness/buzzing sensation was a lot better today. (So basically, the two servings was one can of full-fat coconut milk.) Then I sat down to eat dinner, and within 15 minutes of eating, it came back. (Dinner was spinach and beef skewers, so nothing fancy.) I went and made some more egg nog and am waiting to see if it helps.

So my question is whether this can be a symptom of insufficient fat intake or more an issue of needing a higher ratio of fat to protein/carbs (similar to a keto diet). Any thoughts? I probably eat about 100 gms. carbs per day because my GI tract is shredded from undiagnosed celiacs and I can only handle leafy greens and starchy roots as far as veggies go. I wonder if that's too high carb, though, or if something else could be causing this.

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