Pasty bowel movements, is there a cure?

Asked on February 24, 2016
Created February 21, 2016 at 11:38 PM

Hi there, 

I've been paleo for 2 years now, mostly I feel fine but the one thing that's stuck around since my pre paleo years is pasty bowel movements that take a decade to wipe clean. I find this really embarrassing in public or at a friend's house because it means I'm in the toilet for a good 10 plus minutes. I should say, it's not like steatorrhea I don't think. There's no greasy film in the water and the colour is a normal brown. However they aren't particularly formed, often loose but with a fair bit of straining to get it all out. I only wipe once I have. 

I don't eat dairy, have plenty of fatty fish and have around 100-250g carbs a day as anything lower and I start feeling awful. I eat sauerkraut daily, take 1 or 2 betaine and pepsin tabs with a meal. I've tried varying amounts of soluble and insoluble fibre, digestive enzymes, taking magnesium glycinate and 10 rounds of clinically done FMT. I use wet wipes which help of course but are far from a cure. Could I be eating too much fat? 

Does anyone know how I can fix this or whether this is something that has cleared up for you? 

Thanks in advance and apologies for the details! 



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