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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 04, 2011 at 10:49 PM

I've been eating paleo and clean for about 3 months and I had no problems with digestion until getting food poisoning from Chipotle. After researching intensely I've started taking Primal Flora, Sisson's probiotic. I've had no noticable changes in the last couple days, and have tried Natural Calm for the second day today. Eating perfect lately, proper fat intake, fish oil concentration, drinking enough water, sleep is close to 7 hours a night. After eating I feel bloated and gross, stomach distention happens. Feel like I need to poop for hours, and when I do it's not much. After working out stomach distention passes, until I eat again. HELP ME GET BACK ON TRACK!!



on August 05, 2011
at 03:31 PM

I know there are no hard fast rules about paleo, but there really is alot of soy oil in Chipotle food, so I wouldn't say that eating there was terribly paleo or clean. Sorry to hear about the food poisoning though!



on August 05, 2011
at 01:54 AM

To clarify... Your were eating paleo for 3 months then got food poisoning? You have had this problem since the food poisoning which is recent, but never before? And how long since that event?...



on August 04, 2011
at 11:30 PM

Are you eating any dairy?

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4 Answers


on August 05, 2011
at 02:43 AM

I was eating paleo for 3 months, then got the food poisoning, it's been about a week since I was throwing up like crazy. I've never had any of these problems before. I've had dairy once or twice since I was sick. I will give the probiotics more time, and stop using natural calm. Thanks for the help!



on August 05, 2011
at 02:01 AM

I'm going to assume (i know what they say about it) that the food poisoning was a recent event and that you have just begun the probiotic. Hate to say it, but if that is the case give it more time. Healing takes time. Give your body a chance to recoup. The events of the food poisoning was a healthy and necessary reaction by your body, but still takes time to bounce back from.



on August 05, 2011
at 02:15 AM

Agree with the other comments posted so far. Give your gut time to heal. A bout of food poisoning or other circumstance that results in diarrhea can wipe out good gut flora. I would cut the Natural Calm but continue the probiotic and eating cleanly. I've never turned to it, but many on here will suggest bone broth to help ease digestion problems.



on August 05, 2011
at 02:05 AM

Did you take antibiotics or other meds for the food poisoning? The few details provided are meaningless. For example, is 7 hours sleep good or do you normally sleep 9 hours. Also, the type of food poisoning would be helpful.

However, here is a guess assuming that the food poisoning was within the last week. You haven't healed from the poisoning and the meds and are still feeling the effects. The probiotics, if they work at all, haven't been given enough time to take effect and then you took natural calm - a substance that causes digestion problems in some people.

My advice:

Stop doing anything, you are probably making things worse. Eat like you did pre-food poisoning. Sleep as much as you need and give it time.

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