Fat malabsorption = Skin problems?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 26, 2011 at 7:57 PM

Hi all. I'll try to make this quick.

I've been low carb/paleo for a little over a decade and seem to notice a correlation between eating meals that are too fatty, such as tongue or rib eye and skin problems/infammation. Perhaps not coincidentally, my digestion also seems to get buggered up at the same time (runny/loose stools). When I eat leaner cuts like round steak the situation seems to improve. I'm kinda confused by all this because it was my assumption that fattier was the way to go based on hunter/gatherer preference and ancestory, fears from "rabbit starvation", etc. So there are two parts to my question:

  1. Anyone else have/had the same problem (what I believe to be fat malaborption) and how did you solve it, if you were able?

  2. Are there any real concerns over eating a moderate fat, moderate protein diet without worrying about things like protein toxicity? (think round steak lean, not chicken breast).

I've been drinking bone broth regulary to help with digestion but it doesn't seem to matter if the meat I eat is too fatty (I've been eating liver regularly as well).



on December 29, 2011
at 04:24 AM

Meat that is corn fattened and non pastured could be high in pro-inflamitory fats, so make sure if you're going to down a really fatty hunk of goodness that its grass fed and pasture raised. If you already are then I'd eat as much fat as makes you feel good. Don't over think things.



on December 28, 2011
at 04:42 PM

Listen to your body! I doesn't care what you have read on a blog or in a book.



on December 27, 2011
at 11:44 AM

Can still digest fats without a gallbladder which is only a storage site. You won't get rabbit starvation on moderate fat. Dont need to be high fat.



on December 26, 2011
at 08:45 PM

do you have a gall bladder or was it removed? i ask because its good to have a fully functional gall bladder to digest fats.

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on January 05, 2012
at 09:15 PM

Try some ox bile with the fatty meals and see if that helps.


on April 26, 2013
at 03:46 PM

FYI: Fat digestion starts in the stomach where it is sepparated from other nutrients. As it enters the small intestines certain lining cells tell the bile storage organ, the gall bladder, to release bile. (bile is produced by the liver) The pancreas is also notified to release digestive enzymes. As the emulsified fats travel through the small intestines it is absorbed. Any remaining fat (only if you are not digesting well) can cause bacteria to OVER grow in the lower GI causing loose smelly bm and gas.

There are many organs involved, be careful to examine each factor and understand it.

Blood tests for Liver, gallbladder and pancreas function are a great starting point. If your liver is fine, you can do a 7-10 day pancreas enzyme supplement to see if things improve and go from there. Remember to change one thing at a time, keep a food/bm diary.

Been there, done that.



on April 19, 2013
at 02:34 PM

Sounds like pathogenic bacteria destroyed your intestinal cells which aid in the digestion of fat, and hence your skin problems. I would get a stool test done.

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