Digestive issues or pulled muscle?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 02, 2013 at 11:56 PM

So I have been having constant pain in my lower right abdomen about an inch and a half away from my bellybutton. This pain comes and goes, first I thought it was from certain foods, I do notice improvement if I stay away from carbs, but even if I don't eat any carbs/sugar I still find the pain there. It is often accomponyed by constipation. I was wondering though if I could have a pulled psoas or oblique? Or does this sound like a digestive issue?



on February 03, 2013
at 02:23 AM

go see a doctor. don't leave this to the idiot internet brigade (a.k.a. ALL OF US).

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7 Answers



on February 03, 2013
at 04:16 AM

Steve - I've had the exact pain for about 3 years. About 2 inches direct right of my navel. I went through gallbladder surgery last year (different pain!) and had a bevy of tests: endoscopy, ultrasound, and lower body cat scan. Nothing showed up in that area. My gastro doc blames it on my endometriosis (bc I am female) but I don't think so. It's pretty constant. I do notice it is worse when I have a bowel movement moving down, and seems to be relieved slightly once that is through.

I have a holistic doc, and she has me doing two things: (1) taking B-complex and Magnesium (chelated, 200 mg). And (2) meditating for 5 min a day ... she thinks it might be phantom pain referred from somewhere else in my body. FWIW, these 2 things have helped. I only notice it every few days now, and it is much milder. Perhaps the Mg is helping things to move along (although I am never constipated and never have been).

I am also speculating that I might have some sort of blockage there (but I'm not yet willing to endure a colonoscopy for it). Either internal to the colon, or external in the musculature (like you mentioned). Have you dug into MobilityWOD.com? He gets into the psoas, and how to stretch/strengthen it. Might have some helpful ideas. I frequently do a hip flexor stretch (couch stretch) that also seems to contribute to some relief.



on February 03, 2013
at 01:09 AM

Honestly in the abdominal region the possibilities are endless. A quick physical exam would give you a good idea though. You start running a fever or the pain gets worse go to the hospital. Heck for all we know you may have appendicitis.



on February 04, 2013
at 04:46 PM

You're describing a place on your abdomen which is known as "McBurnie's point". Tenderness there if you press on it is a classic diagnostic test for appendicitis. See a doctor to rule that out.


on February 03, 2013
at 12:55 PM

I just had the same problem. Thought it was gallbladder. Had an u/s. Came back normal. Doctor thought it was from HIIT workout. It lingered for a couple months on and off. It's a very difficult muscle group to heal. I took a rest from exercise for a week and it healed. Good luck - I hope it's just a muscle. Probably safest to get an u/s done, though.


on February 03, 2013
at 12:54 PM

Go see a doctor. A while back I had recurring pain in my kidney area and could not tell if it was a problem with my kidney or a muscle. I went to a urologist who gave me a full scan including IV with contrast and found that my kidney was fine so we determined that it was musculoskeletal. Otherwise I would never have known.

In the abdominal area there are a lot of possibilities, some serious. Definitely worth a trip to the doc.


on February 03, 2013
at 11:58 AM

I also would suggest you to visit a doctor and take the necessary tests at the earliest as the possibilities are endless. Mere speculations based on the foods you eat or your workout routine are not going to help. So it is better to prevent and prepare before it is too late rather than having to repent and repair.



on February 03, 2013
at 02:37 AM

Yeah, see a GI doctor. I would insist on getting tested for H. Pylori. I had a similar pain in the same location and getting rid of H. pylori did the trick. The bacteria likely caused an ulcer. However only a doctor can make the right diagnosis for you. If you do have H. pylori the most reliable treatment involves taking 2 antibiotics for several days. No fun.


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