Why do they say eating meat causes cancer?

Answered on September 15, 2014
Created September 15, 2014 at 9:51 AM

Its my understanding that burnt meat is carcinogenic and that conventionally raised meat is pumped with hormones antibiotics etc. but if you are eating pastured meats and wild game that isnt overcooked is it any different for these meats?

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on September 15, 2014
at 01:51 PM

Remember, correlation does not equal causation but a bunch of these epidimiological studies try to imply that correlation is causation (epidimiologists think too highly of themselves) but this is not how science works. Things need to be tested in a controlled experiment or trial before a conclusion can be made about the effects of meat. Since these actual trials are essentially nonexistent, all the media and authorities can do is provide (agenda-driven) epidimiological studies, better known as non-science. 

Whenever you hear the word "linked", be very skeptical of what is about to follow since "linked" only implies a statistical correlation but not an actual cause. The media often overlooks this fact and makes it seem as though link = cause. 

But remember many things can be linked while not being in any way the cause of each other, example: large clothes and heart attacks (fat people wear large clothes and tend to get more heart attacks), walking canes and Alzheimer's (old people use walking canes and get Alzheimmer's) and breathing oxygen and dying (any human who has ever breathed oxygen has eventually died, true fact). All these pairs have things which are correlated (linked) but neither one is in any way the cause of the other. You clearly wouldn't say large clothes causes heart attacks, but an epidimiologist with a hatred for "tall & large" clothing might, lol.

So epidimiologists, whose studies are often agenda-driven, will use these "links" to their advantage when they want to demonize a specific practice or lifestyle, such as eating meat.



on September 15, 2014
at 01:11 PM

Because countless studies show a correlation between meat-consumption and cancer. But then, it's a meat-consumption in terms of a highly-processed food diet… not to mention that meat-abstainers tend to be health conscious individuals, so they will tend to make better choices (not drinking, not smoking, exercising… all things correlating with lower cancer rates). 

Seems like you're trying to do your homework, but the problem is random crawling through the web isn't going to be the best source of reliable information. 

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