What to bring to a Paleo Pot Luck?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 16, 2010 at 9:27 PM

Other than a soup or chili, what is a crowd pleaser at a Paleo Pot Luck? Skewers? Wings? Kabobs?

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7 Answers



on April 17, 2010
at 01:14 AM

Deviled eggs made with bacon mayonnaise.


on April 16, 2010
at 10:05 PM

The parsley bone marrow salad from Nose to Tail is a crowd pleaser. I've brought it to potlucks several times.



on April 16, 2010
at 10:54 PM

A steamship round of beef roasted rare and carved on site. Very primal. By keeping it rare, it will still be juicy.



on April 16, 2010
at 10:54 PM

Primal Chips and dip!!

Find (or make) some primal sausage, like a salami... really your choice

and roast them in the oven, 15-20 minutes at 350, just enough so that they are crispy and chiplike

then make really any dip of your choice. Guacamole is always good. I make a guacamole with bacon in it.. holy mmmmmm

But salsa would be good.. or best would be a liver pate



on April 16, 2010
at 09:48 PM

Summer, at the Cosmopolitan Primal Girl blog, has a good idea of how to feed primal crowds. Check out her recipes here.

Also, you could roast a bird!



on April 16, 2010
at 09:47 PM

A pot luck Paleo dinner- you are a lucky duck. If you can- cook at the pot luck. Grass fed chuck for sliders prepared in a pan or griddle. Top off with a pouch egg or sunny side up. SLic of avo on the side. If you can- its a great way to show off your cooking chops. Better than a re-heat.

Okay I was saving this but Polish food is very Paleo- google a recipe and impress.



on April 17, 2010
at 07:11 AM

I'd be most pleased to get the plainest, meatiest meat that I could. I'm always delighted at these sorts of (non-paleo) things if there's any proteiny animal product on offer, rather than a lot of carbs in varying combinations and where there are any, they're normally small amounts wrapped in... or smothered in... Of course you want to spice things up a bit and show off your skills, so go wild with marinating, seasoning etc etc, but what I'd want is just protein!

N.B. Skewers, kebabs or wings sound great.

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