What (resources) would you recommend for type I diabetics?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 20, 2011 at 10:50 AM

What would you recommend to a type I diabetic? Any specific dietary (or other) things?

Do you have any good resources, papers, reads, blogs, ... for type I diabetics?

Thank you!

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5 Answers


on October 20, 2011
at 04:25 PM

I don't have any specific resources to recommend, I just wanted to share this with you; my nutrition instructor is type one(actually 1.5 since it was diagnosed in adulthood, but it's the same thing)diabetic, and with the way she eats, she rarely needs insulin, has tons of energy, and seems very healthy. She eats a low carb, mostly dairy free paleo diet, with lots of fat...she told me that she doesn't keep track of macro nutrient ratios in general, but does from time to time just to see. She eats about 80% of her calories from fat. The rest is animal protein and veggies. She eats some nuts and seeds as well, and really likes her one cup of coffee(decaf) a day with cream. There was another type one diabetic in our class, and she shifted her diet to mimic our insructor's diet, and felt huge relief and improvement in her health.


on October 20, 2011
at 04:17 PM

I agree. Buy Bernstein's book and de Vany's book. Listen to Jimmy Moore's podcasts with Dr. Bernstein.


on October 20, 2011
at 12:33 PM

Robb Wolf's Paleo Solution. Also, robbwolf.com for the blog. My husband is a T1 and just went Paleo a month ago. He cut his insulin usage in half and is going off his cholesterol meds after 4 weeks of eating differently! His story is up on Robb's blog this week.



on October 20, 2011
at 11:55 AM

Read Art De Vanny's New Evoution Diet. He and his family started eating like this about 25 years ago thru trial and error first in response to his son being a type I diabetic and then later his wife developed type I diabetes.


on October 20, 2011
at 11:03 AM

I would think Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution might be a decent place to start. If nothing else, he has lived it.

Could start with his essay on living with type 1 diabetes for 64 years.

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