Retribution and Conventional Wisdom

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 07, 2011 at 3:12 PM

What do you think will happen to those governments that have lied to the people about weight management and how to change when the cat is well and truly out of the bag. What will happen to those in charge when they are finally exposed for what they have done?

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on October 07, 2011
at 03:23 PM

I'm just going to address everything that they might have gotten wrong. Nothing! Except maybe people will stop appealing to "authority" on a hypothesis. I doubt that, though. It isn't about being right, it is about 1. Saying something. 2. Not admitting your mistakes. 3. Questioning the credibility of anyone who disagrees with you.

Oh stabby, you so cynical.



on October 07, 2011
at 03:34 PM

I will be honest, I hope that nothing happens to the policy people involved in the us.

The simple fact is that right now they are basing policy, as they are legally required to, on the duel requirements that they stabilize crop prices(1) and that they follow the current consensus in nutritional science.

I would not mind at all if as evidence rolls in the scientists who made big conclusions based on inadequate data lost creditability and positions and those that do not agree with newer data based on good research methods are marginalized. I do hope that scientist who made honest mistakes based on poor research design (such as the nurse's health study) just lose funding for those studies.

This is because I see credible data collection, interpretation and analysis as the job of the academic/research system and acting on that the job of the policy/governmental system. If junk science goes in, junk policy is the proper result of a well functioning policy system that relies upon it.

(1) Oh yea, I would love to see this part of the policy taken away, but it is a part of their mandate and it is wrong to beat up on administrative people for doing the job congress requires.

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