Newly paralyzed (paraplegic) looking for best healing

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 25, 2012 at 3:50 AM

Hey guys,

Been an avid Paleo follower and eater for coming on 2 years. Everything was pretty well tweaked and dialed in in regards to food and fitness (CrossFit, lifting heavy, etc).

I had my question answered on Robb Wolf's podcast not to long ago so I'll spare you all the details. Long of the short is I was in a skydiving accident which has left me a paraplegic from a spinal cord injury (T12).

What I got from Robb was to eat a keto diet.

Does anyone care to expand? I appreciate all your help.


on April 25, 2012
at 06:19 PM

I'd also look at Terry Wahls stuff: http://www.terrywahls.com/ Obviously your situations are very different, but hers is a ketogenic diet that is focused on increasing nutrients that are useful at the mitochondrial level. To me, it seems like a good option for a healing diet in general.



on April 25, 2012
at 02:31 PM

Good overviews on keto diets in the answers. I remember the podcast. Just wanted to say best wishes in your journey!



on April 25, 2012
at 01:55 PM

((Hugs)) Get your D level tested & supplement to a high level (~ 80 ng/ml) Will help your body deal with infections/stress, etc during your healing process.



on April 25, 2012
at 05:43 AM

I'm with Cerement. I listened to the podcast too, you are incredibly inspirational. I wish I had more to add to Robb's response, but I'm sure others on this board will be able to contribute plenty of information. Best of luck, brother.

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on April 25, 2012
at 04:04 AM

Caught [that episode](http://robbwolf.com/2012/03/20/harvard-meat-study-episode-124/), think many people were stunned by your positive attitude considering the circumstances!

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on April 25, 2012
at 04:01 AM

Paul Jaminet has more than you ever wanted to know about ketogenic diets:

From a quick overview, you better learn to love coconut oil :p



on April 25, 2012
at 03:10 PM

I'm not a physician, but I would also think that you always want to minimize inflammation, but particularly when you are trying to maximize healing. I wonder if taking natural anti-inflammatories, such as fish oil and turmeric (you can make a nice tea from turmeric root, and then add a little fat such as coconut milk to aid digestion of the tea) would help?

I've worked with spinal cord injuries a lot (I'm a psychologist), and it seems like the name of the game in healing is continuing to move what you can, and keeping testing the outer limits of your ability. I imagine you're already doing that, but keeping on with your range of motion work, your stretching, your movement, and your therapies can really help too.



on April 25, 2012
at 12:59 PM

There's also MCT oil, which is basically just the MCTs from the coconut oil (which are what release ketones after digestion.)

The MCT oil helps keep people in ketosis much more effectively than CO, but both are great. MCT is however more processed, although since MCT is a saturated fat, it's not prone to oxidation like other PUFAs or MUFAs. Strictly speaking about ketosis, MCT oil achieves what CO can't. Although CO has numerous other benefits, including the MCTs. If your only goal is to get into ketosis easy and stay there, I'd take a few teaspoons of MCT oil a day and lower your daily carbohydrate intake. Once you're in ketosis, you can just sort of do a maintenance dose with the CO/MCTO and take a tablespoon in the morning or teaspoon with every meal.



on April 25, 2012
at 06:21 AM

Typically less than 50 grams carbs per day. Coconut oil will increase the ketones.


on January 29, 2014
at 05:55 PM

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on January 18, 2014
at 06:07 PM

I am a T12 incomplete para and use an EasyGlide 6000 machine for daily exercise. It works out the arms AND legs at the same time. Google it..


btw, I am a T12 incomplete para and use an EasyStand 6000 Glider for daily exercise, it works out the arms AND legs at the same time. Google it..


on September 16, 2012
at 03:49 AM

Hi, there. Iam a nerve therapist. I heal any nerve pain. Iam conducting a research study in paraplegic people. Iam looking for a person to volunteer to receive a treatment. If you want to volunteer you can contact me at nervetherapist.com



on May 06, 2012
at 11:42 PM

I would definitely try keto. Here is Emily Deans' input on it.

"For the brain, [ketosis] means a lower seizure risk and a better environment for neuronal recovery and repair."

I think neuronal recovery is a prime target to aim for.

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