My mom thinks that my paleo diet is very wrong.

Answered on April 25, 2017
Created April 25, 2017 at 2:33 AM

Hi! My name is Nick and I started the Paleo diet in January of this year and am having great results so far! However, my mom thinks that my new diet is horrible for me and won't stop saying it. A little bit of background info: I am 15 years old, so I am still living with my parents. I have a job currently, so every week I go to the store for things like pork, chicken, eggs, grass fed beef, butter, bacon, lard, vegetables, nuts, oils (I use olive, avocado, and coconut), stuff like that. Then, I go home and I use these ingredients to cook food for myself. My mom keeps saying things about how all the fat, saturated fat, and animal products I am eating is very bad for me and how I will have health problems and need to replace some of my meat with beans and tofu. She says I am eating way too much fat, and she thinks that fat clogs arteries, and even when I showed her proof that this was not true, she said that that proof was nonsense. How can I show her that this is a wonderful and healthy diet for me, and it won't give me any health problems or clog my arteries? Sorry if this is a stupid question for here, I had no idea where to ask it.

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on April 25, 2017
at 04:14 PM

Her information is 30 years out of date.  It was wrong then, and it's wrong now.

Even Time Magazine recanted about saturated fat: http://www.gnolls.org/3695/we-win-time-magazine-officially-recants-eat-butter-dont-blame-fat-and-quotes-me/


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