"Living Without" Magazine?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 16, 2010 at 3:27 PM

I came across this magazine the other day but didn't pick up a copy, unfortunately.


I found the idea interesting, given a previous discussion that had come up on PaleoHacks. Given that it caters to those who would want to make gluten-free and dairy-free meals, it seemed to (in a way) cater to those adhering to the Paleo Diet.

Has anyone purchased this/subscribed to this, and if so, would it be worth subscribing to? Does it have enough value to be worth it?

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on July 16, 2010
at 07:50 PM

I actually have a celiac diagnosis, and have participated in some of the celiac communities, and the whole fake-bread thing boggles me... it tastes lousy, it's REALLY expensive compared to its gluteny equivalents, and it's really bad for you! And then people complain that they should get some sort of special tax break because they "have" to buy all this expensive stuff!

As for this magazine... it's clearly aiming to be a platform for advertisers pushing rice-flour concoctions and whatnot. If you really want a paleo-ish cooking magazine, maybe try one that focuses on grilling?


on July 16, 2010
at 03:55 PM

I'm calling high sugar, high candy cigarettes.

It looks to be alot of gluten substitute stuff, and likely processed, vegetable oil too.

Some of the recipes appear decent, but alot of fauxbread too...

Me, I'd be too annoyed by all the still wrong info to be able to enjoy it



on July 16, 2010
at 05:10 PM

First off, as a gluten intolerant guy, Paleo is definitely the best way for me to not get sick as I can rule out most of the gluten grey area foods like faux-pizzas and breads.

I've read through a copy of this magazine before since it has some interesting content related to Gluten-free living. From what I remember they had some health related stuff too. As with most gluten-free products, though, it is definitely more about living a SAD diet while being gluten-free.That said, some of the meals, sauces and salad dressing recipes are helpful even if you are strict paleo.

And beyond that, I am happy to see a glossy magazine bringing more light and understanding to a serious problem/danger that effects more than 1 in 100 people in the US and no one seems to be catering to it. Perhaps more mags like this will result in more restaurants serving more paleo friendly fair. I know my steak tips the other night were pretty close and it was surprising that the non-chain restaurant had some typed notes for the gluten sensitive patrons.



on July 17, 2010
at 12:46 AM

There are a several magazines catering to the GF and multiple food intolerance communities. Generally speaking, these are folks who can not cheat. In other words, gluten free or whatever free is not optional,due to several allergy requiring epi-pens, or celiac and other autoimmune conditions or just severe reactions to trace exposure and cross contamination.

Gluten Free Living, Easy Eats (online), GlutenFreeda (online) and Delight. Celiac.com offers a Journal of Gluten Intolerance that adds more research to the mix.

There's often some good general info about travelling, communicating with wait staff and encouragement to improve cooking skills, etc. They can be handy for generating ideas for meals for holidays or special occasions, but almost all of the recipes are high carb, and very concerned with fiber.

I would love to see one of these media outlets do an article on Paleo as a positive choice, rather than "I can't tolerate grains" - a statement that is not uncommon on the gluten boards.

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