level of inflammation on typical healthy diet

Answered on August 06, 2013
Created August 06, 2013 at 3:42 PM

On a typical healthy diet (the conventional one) where you:

  • Don't have vegetable oils, margarine etc
  • cut out sugar (except for some fruit)
  • Cut out processed foods
  • Eat mostly vegetables (of varying colours and including cruciferous ones)
  • Protein every meal
  • Have some starch (sweet potatoes, white/brown rice)
  • Have a limited amount of whole grain products (bread etc)
  • Take your fish oil

How healthy are you going to be? And what would the level of inflammation be like in your body?

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2 Answers


on August 06, 2013
at 05:36 PM

I couldn't give you any numbers--just anecdotal. When I was eating a "healthy" semi-vegetarian, Weight-Watchers diet, my c-reactive protein was high enough to call attention to it. It hasn't set off any warning bells in about 10 years, though (I've been eating mostly primal/paleo for 3+ years) and had definitely transitioned back to carnivorism before then.

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on August 06, 2013
at 03:57 PM

The closest thing I've had to an inflammation test was A1C. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/19291585/ My A1C was elevated when I was on a standard diet, but I was also obese and diabetic. The number went down with weight loss. I don't know how much diet type alone would affect it.

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