Is paleo right for skinny guys?

Answered on December 23, 2013
Created December 22, 2013 at 2:55 AM

I'm on the slim side. I have a strong metabolism, and can eat virtually anything without putting on weight. This is good, and bad.

My question is, is paleo right for slim guys like me?

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6 Answers



on December 23, 2013
at 01:52 PM

I have always been relatively skinny. I started Paleo about 9 months ago, and noticed my physique became more defined. Then I started working out (Seeking the Alpha workout program) and now look and feel awesome. I gained almost no weight, maybe 5 pounds. But looking in the mirror is a nice treat.


on December 23, 2013
at 11:33 AM

Paleo is good for all, skinny guys can surely give a try. I always assume that pale is best and works for all.



on December 22, 2013
at 02:55 PM

Let's put it to you this way, if you're a human being, then, yes, paleo is right for you.

In fact, there were stories of how paleo is right for gorillas too - feeding captive gorillas biscuits and candy causes them grave health issues, where if you return them to a diet specific to their evolution, they start to thrive again. So you can extend that statement to feeding all species their specific species evolutionarily appropriate diet is the right path to their health. You don't want to feed grains to cats or dogs, you don't want to feed meat to rabbits, etc.

Being skinny or fat, or inbetween has little to do with it - that has more to do with how you'll dial in what macro nutrients you'll eat, and how you work out for your desired result, than anything else.


on December 22, 2013
at 04:39 AM

Absolutely. I'm skinny, have a strong metabolism and can eat anything without gaining weight also.

I realized that what I thought was a strong metabolism was actually more a nutrient malabsorption problem. Paleo gave me a huge increase in energy and much clearer thinking. It cleared some autoimmune skin issues I had. I am awake for many more hours in the day now. I feel so much better since starting and it was never about losing weight for me. You can gain weight on paleo by adjusting carb/fat/protein ratio and eating enough calories.



on December 22, 2013
at 03:13 AM

sure, why not. give it a try. i don't think it will make you feel worse. i've gained over 20 lbs since i started paleo.


on December 22, 2013
at 03:07 AM

Yes, give it a try. Health isn't about just losing weight, it's about being healthy, which means putting on weight if you're underweight as well. I know this sounds like a put down but, "strong metabolism" can be a sign of an inability to properly digest nutrition, especially if you don't feel or look healthy. People envied me because it seemed that I can eat anything and still look underweight, but it turns out that I had gut issues. So yes, look into paleo because it helps with undernourishment as well.

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