Is conventional pork and lambs fry OK?

Answered on March 11, 2015
Created December 20, 2014 at 5:32 AM

I'm able to find wild game and grass fed beef but can't find grass fed pork or lambs fry. What is conventional pork and lambs fry like in terms of its omega 6?

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on March 11, 2015
at 07:52 PM

"Conventional" or CAFO pork is completely disgusting. Their diet is straight GMO corn, soy, and waste from other factory farms. They are also experiencing constant abuse and are under high levels of psychological stress, which will cause general inflammation in their bodies. Not to mention the drugs they are exposed to and the pathogens that breed in them when they are kept in their own poop all their lives. The Omega-6 content isn't the only thing you should be worried about with so-called 'conventional' pork, even though it probably is affected by their diet - just no so much based on grass content. Pigs should not be 'grass-fed' anyway because pigs are forest foragers much like humans. Their normal diet is more like fruits, tubers, and mushrooms. Sometimes you can find 'forested' pork meats where the pig has been allowed to scrounge in this way, not beaten or had its tail cut off at birth, allowed to be in the sun, roll in CLEAN mud, and generally live a lifestyle appropriate to a pig. If you can't find this kind maybe you should just eat something else instead.



on December 21, 2014
at 03:27 PM

Fry = offal as fas the internet tells me. Most offal doesn't have much fat to it, so that's not really an issue. 

Pork is higher in total PUFA than other meats (except maybe chicken) because they are not pasture animals, they don't eat grass. You're looking at maybe 10% PUFA there (ballpark the same as chicken). Lamb is a ruminant, like a cow. It will have similar fat profile - lower in PUFA.

It doesn't really matter if your meat is conventional or grass-fed in terms of nutritional profile. There is a small difference, but in the context of a varied diet, it really is loses importance. Paricularly beef/lamb… these are low PUFA meats to begin with. 

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