Hypothyroidism (was borderine 2 yrs ago) & los morning cortisol (adrenal fatigue)

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 03, 2013 at 9:01 AM

I am at my wits end with all the different advice. I have elevated bp now and taking a string of supplements and have just changed from levothyroxine to armour. My question is this. Will a paleo diet be ok given that I have adrenal fatigue. I have been warned about sending the adrenals into crisis by not eating often and correctly. I am also taking nutri adrenal xtra at the behest of my Dr P (expert on thyroid) but they are making the area of my live/gallbladder sore. I know everything gets chugged up with hypothyroid and I desperately need somebody who will give me some guidance in diet. I eat pretty well starting all meal prep with raw materials. I have cut out the gluten in my bread and eat one that does not contain gluten, but wonder what other nasties have replaced it. I am 65 years old and was fairly healthy before my world caved in two years ago. I am sick of all the conflicting advice and need some clear truthful answers. My doctor belongs to the holy church of modern medicine and thinks the adrenals work or they don't. He wants me on all sorts of meds and we all know it is not in the drug companies interest to make you better. Food is the best medicine if you know what you should be eating. HELP

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on September 03, 2013
at 11:17 AM

Subclinical ailments are a blind spot for many conventional GPs. And yet, fatigue can be very hard to pin down.

If adrenal crises can be triggered by spikes and dips in energy levels, avoidance of energy spike through low-GI Paleo diet may prove beneficial. But I suspect - considering my own studies into lifelong fatigue - that in-depth clinical knowledge of fatigue and its causes is still very incomplete in the scientific community.

Afterall, most doctors still haven't reconciled the discrepancy between insulin's purpose in their own biochemistry textbooks vs their grain-heavy diet "recommendations".

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