How to start fixing digestive problems?

Asked on October 07, 2019
Created February 08, 2018 at 3:29 PM

Hi all! I’m new here, and I’m currently reading through the digestive health PDF you can get for free. I’ve got digestive problems, duh. My main confusion is that when looking at the foods to avoid when eating a low FODMAP diet there are certain things to avoid like avocados, onions, bell peppers etc. but then a few pages later, the reading says that for healthy digestion those same foods are good to eat. 


Since I’m just starting out to figure out what’s causing my digestive problems, should I continue to eat the foods that are listed as “bad” and add in more from the good list? Or should I begin by eliminating? It’s just confusing when some foods are on the good and bad list. I also understand that everyone is different and what may be good for some, may not be good for others so I get that’s a factor to consider. 


Additionally, I’m not 100% done reading the PDF so this may be answered later. But I would still appreciate hearing what worked for others! 

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on August 01, 2019
at 09:11 AM

the small piece of ginger and rock salt on it when taken before the dinner.improves metabolism


on July 29, 2019
at 05:17 AM

The first problem is to fix your digestive problem is to chew your food. Second is listen to your body like if whatever your doing is too intense then go back to normal position. Make your body comfortable with space.


on December 11, 2018
at 05:22 AM

I will suggest you to continue your diet what your following.

I will personally give you some tips. 1) Do tummy massage 2) eat ginger 3) grape-fruit. If still not this things work out then consult gastroenterologists.



on February 11, 2018
at 06:46 PM

I mean, if you've got issues with FODMAPS, avoid them, even if some manual tells you their health benefits later on.  But ensure that you know for sure that's the actual issue.  Check the simptomps of FODMAP reactions and see if they match what you actually have.

I don't know about the guide you got, I'd start here, this has been a really helpful book for me: https://www.amazon.com/Fix-Your-Gut-Definitive-Digestive-ebook/dp/B00JNL0SYK/

However, most of the stuff from his book is on his blog, and if you're willing to search around on his blog and read a lot you can get the same info.  https://fixyourgut.com/blog/

Generally, you'd do an elimination diet for 30 days and see how you do on it.  If you see an improvement, likely you do have an issue with FODMAPS or one of the foods you eliminated.

So if you think FODMAPS are an issue, go on a FODMAP free diet for 30 days, then after 30 days, slowly introduce foods with FODMAPS one at a time.  Say, start with an onion, see if it causes issues, if not add another thing, maybe an avocado, etc.  If none of them have cause symptoms, you don't actually have an issue with FODMAPS.

That's how you do elimination diets.  You can do them with anything from eggs to nightshades and see what you react to.

If it turns out you're allergic and reacting to lots and lots of foods, likely you're actually just experiencing leaky gut.  So what happens then is that you must heal the gut first with things like bone broth, L-Glutamine, etc. and after you heal your gut, within 6 months all those sensitivities and allergies will possibly go away.  They might not depending on the type of antibody your immune system produced.  But that's a whole different kettle of fish than issues with FODMAPS.

If you think it's SIBO, there's an easy fix.  Try this: https://fixyourgut.com/the-magic-bullet-for-gerd-d-limonene/ - if D. Limonene helps (and you can just use therapeutic grade orange or grapefruit oil instead), then it was SIBO and you likely cured it.



on June 21, 2019
at 09:52 AM

Eat Real Food
Get Plenty of Fiber
Add Healthy Fats to Your Diet
Stay Hydrated
Manage Your Stress
Eat Mindfully
Chew Your Food

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